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Families Learning Together Courses

Families Learning Together Cardiff and Vale College


Online courses available in April


Nursery and Reception - Learning and Playing Together

This 10 week course is for families with children who are Nursery and Reception age and will give you the opportunity to play and learn with your child. As well as a weekly online class for the grown-ups, there will be fun activities for you to do together at home, including making puzzles, games and sharing stories together. Each week we will have a family story time and lots of learning opportunities based around the stories. You will learn how these activities can help your child to develop thinking skills, language skills and help them to build relationships. To find out more click here

Years 1 and 2 – Make, Play, Learn

The Families Learning Together team are offering a fun, new online course for families with children in Years 1 and 2. The course’s aim is to develop Literacy, Maths and Speaking and Listening skills in a fun and stimulating way, through a variety of outdoor and indoor play.

This course is an accredited course, so you will gain a certificate and will learn lots of exciting new skills to develop and support your child’s learning. The course will be tailored to your family's needs. The course will run online, so it can fit in with personal schedules and there will be lots of opportunities for tutor support and development throughout.


Year 3 & 4- The importance of play


Playing is the best way to learn! This new and exciting 10-week course is about getting our older children back outside and playing. Parents/carers will learn the value of play and its importance for child development. You will be provided with weekly play-based tasks that support Numeracy, Literacy, STEM and wellbeing.

This is an accredited course so you will gain a certificate and will learn lots of new and exciting skills to develop your child’s learning.

The course will run online so you will be able to access it in a variety of ways:- you can do it online in a weekly live session using Teams , or you will be able to access a recording of the session in your own time. You can also choose to complete the whole course via email. You will receive full IT support.



Supporting your child with KS3 Mathematics


We are thrilled to be offering a brand new course this term for families with children who are KS3 age (11-14 years old). This 10 week course will cover the foundations and main concepts of the KS3 mathematics curriculum in Wales. We will be looking at re-learning and boosting your skills in several KS3 Maths topics that can be challenging for children such as;


This course will allow families to confidently support their children with their KS3 maths homework. As well as weekly online classes, there will also be a weekly online session for families to troubleshoot any maths problems with the tutor that arise from their child’s school homework. There will also be some fun, educational STEM activities for all the family to enjoy at home, which will help families consolidate some of the KS3 maths skills taught on the course.



Also available – bespoke courses for families with EAL

Welsh medium courses will be added soon.


All courses are free to all families and are accredited with an Agored Cymru unit. Participants will become a student of CAVC



For further information or to book a place on one of our courses please contact