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Year 6 2015-2016

What will we be studying this term?


Our topic this term is the Vile Victorians

As of the 9th September, Queen Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch.
How long was she on the throne?
How old was she when she became queen?
Who did she marry?
We will find out!

We will also be looking at many of the amazing inventions from this period - Some of which we still use today. I wonder if you can name a few! 

We will have our UpBeat music experts in working with the children on an iPad app called Garage Band

Marc Breeze (ex Cardiff Blues) coaching rugby every Friday afternoon as part of Eastern High School transition. There will be a tag rugby tournament towards the end of term.   

Our Science topic this term is Magical Motion. We will be looking at different forces, as well as who can make the best paper aeroplane.
(Pictures and results to follow)


  • Good Morning Britain performance at Wales Millennium Centre 9th September, please be in school for 6:30
  • Girls Football Tournament at Bryn Hafod Primary 18th
We were so proud of our girls winning their group stage. They didn't concede any goals! Now they're off to represent the East of Cardiff in another tournament! Well done girls  



We all really enjoyed ourselves at St. Madoc's!!!
September 23rd - 25th

We experienced incredible beaches and breath-taking views of the Welsh coast, as well as completing many team building activities. 



  • School Photographs 23rd
  • Half Term w/c 26/10


  • Friday 6th - School trip with Year 5 to Rhondda Heritage Park
  • Wednesday 18th - Victorian Workshop coming to school
  • Thursday 19th - Boys Football match. Home vs Glan Yr Afon. 3:30 k.o.  - Cancelled due to bad weather. Sorry boys. Will look to re-arrange.

  • Class Assembly Thursday 3rd December 9:30am
  • Thursday 3rd - Boys TAG rugby match. Away vs Pen Yr Bryn


With the light fading fast our boys won in a tightly contested match 7-6
  • Monday 7th - Class Trip - Crucial Crew. 9:30 - Midday
  • Tuesday 8th - Eastern High School Performance
  • Thursday 10th - Eastern High School Science lesson
  • Wednesday 16th - Key Stage 2 Christmas Party - You will need to bring food to share in class. Party day is non-uniform day.
  • Thursday 17th - Cinema Day
  • Thursday 17th - Boys Football match. Away vs St. Mellons
  • Thursday 17th - Our Dance Club Performing at The Gate (Roath)
  • Friday 18th December last day of term



Start of the Spring Term
This term we will be studying Earth and Space
Check out the BBC Bitesize page!

We shall be studying the sun, moon and the planets.
We have discussed some questions we'd like to find answers to:
"How hot is the sun?"
How far away is the moon?"
"Why does it go dark at night?"
"How many planets are there and what are they like?"
Hopefully we will be able to answer these by the end of the term and to help us, we will be visiting the planetarium in Techniquest.

As this is the term when we celebrate St David's Day, we have decided to study some books by Welsh authors or those with a Welsh theme. We shall be learning lots of new Welsh songs and poems. We shall be reading in Welsh as well as English and doing lots of activities like cooking and Welsh crafts.

A Challenge from Mr P...

If fire needs oxygen to burn, and the sun is a giant ball of fire, yet there is no oxygen in space, how does the Sun keep burning?

Da iawn Rebecca...

The sun does not "burn" like we think logs in a fire or paper buring. The sun glows because it is a big ball of gas, and a process called nuclear fusion is taking place in it's core. Nuclear fusion occurs when one proton smashes in to another proton so hard that they stick together... and release some energy as well. This energy then heats up other materials (other protons and electrons) nearby.

  • Monday 4th - INSET Day
  • Tuesday 5th - Back to school
  • Thursday 14th - Boys Football match. Home vs Bishop Childs - L 3-6
  • Monday 18th - Rugby Match vs St Paul's - W 9-3 & W 7-4
  • Sunday 24th - Wednesday 27th Mr Perkins Investigating Maths in Poland 
  • Tuesday 9th - Safer Internet Day
  • Monday 15th - HALF TERM
  • Tuesday 23rd - Trip to St. David's Hall for Mozart Exhibition

  • Tuesday 9th - Upper Key Stage 2 Concert - Sion and the Baragin Bee
  • Thursday 17th - Boys Football vs Oakfield Primary (Home) A narrow 2-1 loss. Well played Oakfield - A Wonder strike from the half-way line to clinch the 3 points.



  • Friday 24th - Sports Relief - School Council Report says we raised £200!!!


Well done everybody! 



  • Wednesday 23rd - Trip to Techniquest's Planetarium
  • Thursday 24th - Easter Bonnet Parade and last day
  • Friday 25th - Good Friday - No School

Y Haf
What will we be studying this term?
 Our Theme up until half term is 'Flowering Plants'. We will be looking at the life cycle, seed dispersal and carrying out our own investigation on how to grow a healthy broad bean and flowering plant.

(More details below)

There will be a meeting Monday 16th May after school

The second half term will be devoted to the Olympics as we approach the 2016 Olympics in Rio, South America. There will, of course be plenty of sports, trips and lots of the usual fun we always have in Greenway. 

Things you need to know this term:
  • Reading book and homework given on Monday - Return by Friday
  • PE kit every Tuesday for Cricket and Friday - Rugby with Marc Breeze



  • Monday 11th - First day back.
  • Thursday 14th - Boys Football Tournament representing the East of Cardiff



Congratulations to Jake in Year 5 - Greenway's Player of the Tournament - A promising footballer with an excellent attitude to the game!

This magnificent Lego creation is from Natasha - She gave a short presentation to the class and followed up with a piece of Big Writing. 






You will need: Swimming costume (girls all in one), towel & a piece of fruit on the following days:-
Thursday 12th May
Monday 16th May
Tuesday 17th May
Wednesday 18th May
Thursday 19th May

You may bring your own goggles.
  • Monday 2nd - Bank Holiday
  • Monday 16th - Camping meeting for parents and children
  • Friday 27th - INSET DAY
  • Monday 30th - Half Term


West Wales Camping Trip - Monday 6th - Friday 10th June 2016

Our trip to West Wales Camping 
***Pictures uploaded by Stephen and Alice***
  • Monday 13th - INSET DAY
  • Friday 17th - Gymnastics at Eastern High School
  • Wednesday 29th - St Teilo's Transition

 What do you already know about the Olympics? 

1. Where is the Olympics being held this year?

2. How many years are there between each Olympics?

3. Who started the Olympic games?

4. What is the prize for winning an event at the Modern Olympics?

5. What was the prize for winning an event in the Ancient Games?

6. Can you name 3 different British Gold Medal Winners and their event?

7. Can you list 10 different events in the Olympics?

8.What new sport has been added to the Olympics this year?
(Clue: Mr Perkins, Mr Naish and Mr Beynon like this sport!)

9. What do the 5 Olympic Rings represent?

10. What is the Olympic phrase?

Worth a watch... Click on the rings

Olympic Game - Ancient Greece - Click on the Greek flag
(Look under activities)


  • Thursday 7th - Eastern High School and St Illtyd's Transition Day
  • Thursday 14th - Sports Day
  • Tuesday 19th - Leaving Assembly
  • Wednesday 20th - LAST DAY!!!