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Who's Who

Take a look at our portraits on the school tour page!

Here are the names of staff at our school:

Teaching Staff

Headteacher:             Mr Nic Naish
Head of School:         Mrs A Watkins (ALNCO)

Nursery Teachers:      Mrs H Hobbs
Reception Teacher:    Mrs J Lavington (FP Leader)
Year 1 Teacher:          Mr S Evans  
Year 2 Teacher:          Mrs S Evans

Year 1/2 Teacher:       Miss R Lambert
Year 3 Teacher:          Miss B Atwell 
Year 4 Teacher:          Mrs D Anderson (KS2 Leader)  

Year 3/4 Teacher:       Miss E Doidge
Year 5 Teacher:          Mr M Prosser
Year 6 Teacher:          Mr A Parker (ICT Leader)  
Year 5/6 Teacher:       Miss B Morris

Teaching Assistants

Nursery:     Miss S Crothers, Mrs A. Shelley and Miss Hicks
Reception: Mrs V Jones, Mrs D Stephens and Mr M Jones
Year 1:       Mrs J Pym and Miss H Fitzgerald
Year 2:       Mrs C Desmond, Mr M Davies & Mrs Ryall
Year 3:       Mrs A Camilleri, Mrs M Fletcher-Price & Miss R Elson
Year 4:       Mr M Clarke
Year 5:       Mrs A Seymour
Year 6:       Mrs H Hayes
Office Staff

Monday-Wednesday:      Mrs C Stevens
Wednesday to Friday:    

Caretaking and Cleaning

Caretaker:   Mr B Parnell
Cleaning:    Mrs M Cox, Mrs S Dacruz, Mrs J. Abbott, 

Breakfast Club and Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss Crothers, Mrs Bibi, Miss Cox,  Mrs Ford,
Mrs Hole, Mrs Templeman, Miss Fitzgerald