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Nursery - Meithrin

Croeso i'r Feithrin - Welcome to the Nursery!


Teachers: Mrs Hobbs -Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
            Mrs Evans- Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Teaching Assistants: Miss Crothers and Mrs Shelley


Welcome to the Nursery class page, where we will keep you up to date on our learning journey!

Please remember to write your child's name in all their clothing.
Please keep your £1.50/week snack money payments up to date. 
Thank you.




Summer 2

Welcome back to our final term of the year. 

We have got a very exciting Half Term planned. 

Our Topic is- 

Old MacDonald a Farm

We will be doing lots of different things. 

  • visiting a farm for our school trip
  • growing our own fruit and vegetables
  • making soup, chips and cakes using our home grown food.
  • looking at how food grows
  • making animal masks

And much much more.



We had a fantastic trip to Cefn Mably Farm. We saw lots of animals and had great fun in the outdoor and indoor play areas. Here are some photos of our day .........

We have lots of vegetables growing in our garden. We are busy growing Potatoes, Carrots, Radish, Courgettes, Peas, Beans and Onions. 

 We have made vegetable soup this week. We talked about the names of the different vegetables and how they grow.

We chopped them up and made delicious soup.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing.....

Summer 1

People Who Help Us


This half term we will be learning about different 'People who help us'.

We have an A & E department situated in our classroom and plenty of doctors and nurses that will help with your emergency. Waiting time is much less than UHW! 

We were very lucky to have had a visit from the Air Ambulance Service, who told us all about their red helicopter.

This week we have been learning about Police Officers and have made Police cars. We have been learning the 'p' sound and have been detectives finding 'p' around our classroom.

Spring 2


Yo Ho Ho!

A Pirating We'll Go!


This half term we will be learning through pirate adventures. We will be sailing the stormy seas in our very own pirate ship. We will be making pirate hats, treasure maps and searching for buried treasure. These are a few of the books we will be reading.

What a busy few days we've had, building pirate huts and making sandcastles.  

We are having lots of fun dressing up like Pirates and searching for buried treasure.


We have made Treasure Maps..........

..................And Pirate Hats.



Our Topics this term are - 

'Terrific Transport' & 'Extraordinary Adventures'


We have a lot planned. We will be visiting our local shops, having Cardiff Bus visit, going to the library and a visit from a story teller. 

It's going to be an exciting half term. 

We had a visit from Dewi the Dragon. He taught us how to brush our teeth and which foods are healthy and unhealthy. 

We even got to dress up like a dentist and brush Dewi's teeth.

We did a traffic survey to see how many vehicles drove past our school drive. We saw lots of cars, some lorries and even a motorbike. 

We have our very own Garage and Car wash in our outdoor area. We provide Services, MOT's and Valet (both in and out) at very reasonable prices!

We have been busy sorting and counting different vehicles.

We went for a visit to the Library. We enjoyed storytime with Katherine. We borrowed some books and brought them back to school.

We went for a walk around our local area. 

We saw lots of different shops and we even met a giant Teddy Bear. 

The Chemist has a robot to help sort the medicines. 

The Spar has lots of different food for us to buy. We bought milk. 

We enjoyed our walk. But we were tired afterwards. 

Our Local Walk


We have had a visit from Cardiff Bus.


A bus came to our school. 




We made our own tickets to ride on the bus.




We had a talk all about bus safety.






We even had a go at driving the bus!









We had a great time!








Autumn 2 


We had a special visitor come to the Nursery today. 


We dressed up in spotty clothes. 

Our Topic for this term is 'Twinkle, Twinkle'.

This term we will be learning- 
About different sources of light and exploring light in our new role -play



'Dark Den'.  


How to make shadows. 
Where stars come from?
Learn all about different routines for different times of the day in our new role-play area 'Bedroom'. 
                 All about our feelings in Welsh!

                          We will be making- 
     Our own lanterns......... Star pictures.......... writing letters and instructions......... firework pictures....... Porridge and flapjacks.............leaf pictures..........and much much more. We're going to be very busy! 
We will be reading lots of books. Here's a few to look at. 

We  will be starting off the half term with the story-
'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' 



We dressed up like Goldilocks and the Three Bears and played in the cottage in our garden.

We made Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. 
We wrote letters to Goldilocks and made Flapjack with the Bears Porridge Oats. 
Autumn 1 2016

'All About Me'

A warm welcome to our new children and parents that are joining our Nursery in the next couple of weeks. 
The first few weeks will focus on settling into Nursery and learning new routines. We will talk about families, the 5 senses- hearing, seeing, touching, smelling,tasting and looking after our bodies eg cleaning our teeth. We have our own Doctor Surgery and Chemist in our Nursery for the children to role play. 

What an exciting morning in our Nursery!
We had a visit from Lizzie Daly from CBeebies. Lizzie can be seen on 'The Lets's Go Club' on Saturday mornings at 9.30 am.
Lizzie talked about the animals she has seen and taught us her dance!
Click HERE to find out more about Lizzie. 
We had great fun picking apples form the school orchard and making apple pies. They were delicious!
We also made frog biscuits-they were yummy too!
We have been learning the rhyme- 5 Little Speckled Frogs. We made our own frogs. 
Every Tuesday we have music and movement lessons with Up-Beat music.
We went on a space adventure using a parachute. It was very exciting!
For our Harvest Celebration. We made our own bread. 

How to make bread- sieve the flour, add the salt, then add yeast. 
Next mix the dry ingredients together.


Then add the oil and the water and mix together. 


Then we kneaded the dough into rolls and left it to rise. It doubled in size. 


We baked our rolls for 30 minutes. Our rolls tasted delicious. 
If you would like to watch how bread is made click HERE.

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