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Year 1- Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to Year 1! Croeso i Flwyddyn 1!

Teacher/Athro: Mr Evans
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Pym, Miss Tirado-Muñoz, Mr Davies


Autumn 1 2016

Our topic this Half Term was

Out and about

We were...
  • gathering blackberries and making blackberry pie
  • digging up the potatoes we planted in the spring and making chips
  • using a website to order bulbs, then planting them in our flower bed
  • picking and sampling fruit from our orchard ?
  • going on a minibeast hunt
  • making wax crayon rubbings around the school grounds for others to identify
  • making a traffic survey of car colours on Greenway Road and recording our findings in graphs and tables
  • looking for signs that autumn is on its way
  • learning about seed dispersal
  • learning the proper names for adult and baby animals
  • using our Chinese takeaway role play area
  • and lots of other things! 

Autumn 2 2016

Our topic this half term is

All about me

We wil be...

  • creating and using our role play opticians
  • using descriptions of ourselves in our writing
  • making graphs and surveys of our favourite things
  • using zero and minus numbers in our work on temperature
  • weighing ourselves in kg and measuring our height in cm
  • using Purple Mash to draw ourselves, and printing the image
  • learning to describe how we feel in Welsh
  • learning and improving body positions in PE
  • learning the names and functions of some of the main organs of the body
  • learning what we need to do to keep fit, healthy and well
  • getting ready for Christmas
  • and lots of other things...!


Spring 1 2017

Our topic this Half Term was

Planes, trains and automobiles

We were...
  • making a car with moving parts
  • creating a vehicle using the Purple Mash program


  • investigating floating and sinking
  • learning about gravity
  • deciding which forms of transport are best for different journeys
  • servicing Mr Evans's car


  • finding out the names of the different parts of a car
  • learning what makes a fair test when we test-run two cars
  • making a marble run and timing the marbles
  • making the longest car track we can


  • finding out about Dadaism and creating our own BONKERS pictures!
  • learning to describe vehicles and their colours in Welsh
  • writing lists, descriptions and sound words
  • and LOTS of other things!














Remember you can use Purple Mash at home.  Ask your teacher for your personal login details.  Click on the logo to go straight to the login page.


Spring 2

Our  topic  this  Half  Term  was


Now and then

we  were...

  • learning about past, present and future
  • learning how we change as we grow and develop
  • matching things to the people who might use them
  • looking at how homes have changed in the past one hundred years
  • learning how people bathed, cooked food, kept warm, kept their food fresh - and even where they went to the toilet! - one hundred years ago
  • putting people into age order


  • looking at an artist from one hundred years ago - Claude Monet - and painting pictures like his


  • thinking about what we would like to do in the future
  • looking at space travel and what might happen in future time
  • invented our own plasticene marble-run 'clocks'


  • learnt how to tell the time at o'clock and half past, and quarter to and quarter past


  • timed cars and marbles going down tracks we have made for them


  • had a visit from Huw Clogs who showed us some very old Welsh musical instruments


  • and lots and lots of other things!











Summer 1


Our topic this Half Term was...




We were...

  • learning about pizzas and making our own


  • finding out about Leonardo da Cinci and the Mona Lisa


  • building ancient Roman monuments

  • learning about Mount Etna and other volcanoes


  • creating pasta pictures


  • making plasticene gondolas and other boats and trying to get them to float


  • making our own Leaning Towers of Pisa
  • enjoying book day by reading Michael Rosen's 'Chocolate Cake', making our own cakes and dressing up


  • and lots of other things!




Summer 2


Our topic this Half Term was...


Under the sea


We were...

  • making sea music with an Upbeat Music musician


  • making our own fish using lots of art and craft materials


  • enjoying our underwater grotto




  • studying octopus and fish, inside and out!




  • making sea pictures on the interactive white board


  • creating sand sculptures


  • grouping animals into sets - those that live in water and those with legs (or both - or neither!)
  • making canals of water and working as a team to transport it along an aqueduct





trip to Barry Island

and lots of other things...!