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Year 1 2015-2016

Summer Term 2016

Tymor yr Haf 2016

Our topics this term are:

Under the sea
The Olympics

We have been...

  • studying octopuses (octopi?) ??

  • learning about food chains
  • estimating and measuring the capacity of containers
  • learning about floating and sinking
  • working as a team to make an irrigation channel
  • identifying sea creatures
  • creating and playing in our amazing underwater grotto
  • making abstract art using paints or computer programs
  • learning about some of the Olympic events
  • learning to use different measures for different events
  • finding out about some of the countries that enter the Olympics, and using atlases to find them
  • inventing new Olympic events! - like table archery
  • timing ourselves doing different activities
  • making flags
  • visiting Coconuts and Barry Island!
  • and lots of other things...

Spring 2016

Our topics this Term were...

Planes, trains and automobiles
Now and Then

We were...
  • learning what makes a fair or unfair scientific test
  • finding out how cars and other vehicles have changed through time
  • maintaining Mr Evans's car - hopefully it won't fall to bits!
  • studying the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein and using some of his techniques to produce our own work
  • using transport-based data to answer questions
  • making a car out of wooden parts and junk



  • learning words and phrases for transport in Welsh
  • deciding which form of transport is most suitable for different journeys
  • doing all sorts of writing based on transport 
  • learning about the force of gravity and about pushes and pulls



  • learning about past, present and future
  • studying artefacts from the past
  • learning how houses have changed over the course of time
  • learning how WE have changed over the course of time!
  • and lots of other things...
Autumn 2 2015

Our topic this Half Term was...

All about me

We were...
  • learning the names of some of the main organs of the body
  • finding out what makes a healthy, balanced diet
  • remembering to brush our teeth after lunch every day, and finding out what can happen if we don't look after our teeth!
  • learning the names of the different parts of the eye and making graphs and pictograms about eye colour in our class



  • learning how to express likes and dislikes in Welsh, and how to describe eye and hair colour - and learning some of the Welsh words for clothes and body parts
  • finding out about the different countries and places in our family backgrounds
  • finding out what happens to our bodies when we exercise, and why it is good for us
  • planting spring bulbs and preparing our raised vegetable beds for the spring
  • finding out why we celebrate Bonfire Night and why we wear poppies on Remembrance Sunday
  • creating a name and wrapper for a new chocolate bar
  • learning about 3D shapes, graphs, adding and subtracting, position, coins and estimating
  • writing stories, making information posters, using 'describing' words - and learning our weekly spellings  
  • making things for Children in Need day
making our craft items ready for Christmas and rehearsing our concert - not long now!
  • planting our winter garlic
Autumn 1 2015

Our topic this Half Term was...

Out and about

We were...
  • picking blackberries from around the school grounds and making blackberry pie
digging up the potatoes we planted in the spring and making chips - yummy!
  • doing a traffic survey of the cars on Greenway Road
  • looking for signs of autumn; and learning the names of the seasons and how they are different
  • learning the different ways that seeds get about
  • ordering and planting bulbs ready for the spring
  • learning the names of some plants that grow wild in the school grounds



  • picking fruit from our orchard for snack time
  • designing and drawing cartoon fruit and vegetables
  • learning to describe the weather in Welsh
  • getting ready for harvest and learning our Harvest Assembly song 
  • using oil pastels to draw autumn plants, seeds and fruits
  • digging over our vegetable patch and putting down compost to enrich the soil
  • having lessons with Fran from Upbeat Music
  • and lots of other things...!