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Spring Term 2019

Our learning this Spring Term will be around the context of 'Changes'

We will be...........


  • Challenging Stereotypes- Gender Equality for Boys and Girls. 
  • Compare items used long ago with things we use today​​​​
  • learning about how homes have changed through the years.  
  • Imagine life in the past in the days before electricity
  • Learn about Schools in Victorian Times 
  • Visit Cefn Onn Park in the Spring time to compare with our Autumn Visit. 
  • Welsh Folk Dancing


We have been learning about life in the past.

We looked at how homes and schools have changed.

We looked at some objects that were used in the olden days. 

We have been learning to sew.

In schools in Victorian times only girls were taught to sew.

This is not equalities!

We have all loved it and the boys are equally as good as the girls! 

We have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes.

We cut out and made many different 3D shapes. 

We have read the Welsh Story of Gelert.

It is a sad story about Prince Llewelyn and his faithful dog.

We wrote our own version of the story for our School Eisteddfod. 

We have been doing many different styles of creative work.

We have painted Castles. 

We made bread both in a bread machine and by hand. We enjoyed tasting it to see which was the best. 
We made Jam sandwiches which we then had to cut into halves and quarters. We enjoyed our picnic! 
We really enjoyed celebrating St David's Day. We made Welsh themed 3D  pieces of Art/Craft as  a home/school task. 
We made Chocolate Crispy Cakes. We looked at how chocolate changes state from solid to liquid and back to solid.