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Year 2 - Blwyddyn 2

This week we read the Julia Donaldson book ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’. The children made puppets and retold the story to each other using a range of voices and expression.

The book can be listened to on the following link.



Julia Donaldson has written many children’s books.

Make a list of some of her other books. How many of them have you read or heard before?


It has been great to see some of the children back in school this week. They have really enjoyed being here, seeing some friends and catching up with the teachers.

This week we have focused on the Julia Donaldson book called ‘Stickman’. We read the story, discussed the characters, the rhyme of the text, the repetition, the feelings and emotions. We made our very own Stickman and found flowers and leaves in our garden to make them.

We have provided some tasks for the children to complete at home over the next few days.

The story can be listened to on this link.


We would like the children to continue the stick man story with new adventures.


We made Positivity Boxes filled with great words that describe us. 
We made our own Stick man after finding leaves and flowers in the garden. 
It was great to be back in our School garden and playground- keeping our distance from each other of course! 

A Message from Greenway Primary...

Web links for your children to access learning during the school closure. 

Home Learning Paper Aeroplane Challenge!

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COVID-19 Young Persons Survival Pack

Mathematics Revision Booklet

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Mindfulness Activity Ideas

Science and Technology Activity Ideas

Welcome to Year 2!/ Croeso i Flwyddyn 2! 


Teachers: Mrs Evans and Miss Court 

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Desmond


Class Information:

Year 2 have P.E every Monday. 

Please ensure your child brings suitable clothing which can be kept in school.

Reading books will be given out on a Monday.

Please return to school on a Friday morning.

Spellings will be given out on a Monday and will be tested on a Friday.

                                   Spring Term 

'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' 


We will be learning this Term about different types of transport. We will compare the different ways we can travel and how and why different modes of transport are used for different purposes. We will learn about different countries and where in the World we can go using the different transport. 




We had great fun playing Maths games on the playground. It was good for our Maths and good exercise too! 
            Here we are looking smart and ready to celebrate St David's Day! 
We went on a wonderful trip to Brecon Mountain Railway to experience a real Steam train in the beautiful surroundings of the area. We enjoyed completing our learning booklets and saw many different things. There was even snow on the mountain tops! 
We read the book 'Emma Jayne's Aeroplane' and imagined we travelled to New York. We used QR codes to find out information about New York. We made fact files and built sky scrapers. We looked at a map of the World to find New York. 
We did a Science Investigation to solve a problem for Emma Jayne. She was getting wet, so we needed to test different materials to find ones that were waterproof. We tested 6 different materials using 10ml of water. We had to ensure all the variables were the same to make it a fair test. We found that the foil and plastic were waterproof. 

Last week we focused a lot of our learning around 'Gender Equalities' We read the book 'Charlie the Firefighter'. Charlie was actually a female firefighter and we discussed how both  girls and boys can do what ever they want and follow their dreams.

One of our boys said he wanted to be a Midwife when he grew up .....So we invited a Male Midwife into school to talk to the children. What an inspiration!

He was very informative and brought various hospital equipment in for the children to use. 


One of our pupils then suggested we should have a hospital for our role play area .............So that is exactly what we have done!



Autumn Term

'Out and About'


In Year 2, our focus this term is 'Out and About'. The children were asked what they would like to learn about in our 'pupil voice' session and came up with some interesting ideas to focus on throughout the term. Each week we try to have a different focus depending on what the children decided they were interested in learning more about.

We decided to learn about:

  • Our Local area
  • Castles 
  • Bees
  • Comparing where we live to other countries
  • Recycling 
  • Pollution 
  • Protecting our Wildlife 


Learner Voice- In our learner voice session we discussed what we already knew and what we would like to find out more about. We made bubble diagrams for each area of our classroom to help Miss Court and Mrs Evans plan our activities. 





Our Local Area- We found out all about where we lived and the places we can visit in our local area. We went and visited the Spar and bought some bread for our honey tasting! 




Bees- We wanted to find out all about why Bees are so important to us and what we can do to help protect them. We had lots of fun learning all about bees by:

  • Printing our own Honeycomb Pattern
  • Making our own Bees
  • Looking at Bees and wasps under a magnifying glass 
  • Reading all about bees in our new 'Reading Garden'
  • Studying a wasp nest
  • Tasting different types of Honey 
  • Photographing Bees collecting pollen
  • Acting out the different jobs in the hive 








Castles- We wanted to find out all about castles and how they are made. We built our own castles and learnt about the different features of a castle as well as the types of people who might have lived in one. 




Recycling- We wanted to find out about why people throw rubbish on the ground and in our rivers and streams. We wanted to know how we could make a difference. We created posters to display in the school and found out more about the different materials that can and cannot be recycled. 












Fantastic trip to Odeon Cinema in Cardiff Bay to see Frozen 2.

We had a wonderful time.