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Year 5 - Blwyddyn 5


Well-being & Growth Mindset

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Children's COVID-19 Survival Pack

Web links for your children to access learning during the school closure. 

If you are experiencing problems when trying to log into HWB, Giglets or Active Learn then please click on the 'Home Learning' link above to look for some common problems when signing in.

Here are some more web links to make use of during school closures.

If you are looking for a fun way to keep fit with your family at home then follow The Body Coach on YouTube. Every morning, with millions of children from all around the word, take part in his 30 minute live workouts.

Croeso i Flwyddyn 5 / Welcome to Year 5


Teacher: Mr Prosser

Teaching Assistant: Miss Hayes


We have PE every Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure that children bring suitable clothes and trainers.


Homework will be given out every Monday, can children please return the following Friday.


Fruit tuck is available Monday - Thursday with cheese and crackers available Friday.

Price is 30p a day or £1.50 for the week.

Spring Term

Our Heritage



During the spring term we will be looking into 'Our Heritage'. After our pupil voice session during Week 1 the pupils have provided some fantastic ideas about what they would like to learn about during the start of the term.


As we have descended from the Victorian era in South Wales the children have decided they would first like to look at:

  • the differences between schools
  • the emergency services that were available
  • toys used
  • transport
  • Victorian art
  • clothes 



The children play a huge importance in what they want to learn so its exciting to see them come up with some many good ideas. We will use pupil voice again throughout the term so the pupils can again decide what they want to learn about next.



Autumn Term


Earth and Space



This term our Context is Earth and Space. We will start by looking at issues that are affecting our planet as well as investigating the beautiful country of Iceland before we blast off into space.


The children have come up with some fantastic ideas about what they want to learn about so keep checking the page and twitter to see what we have been up to!

Rainforest Fires & Climate Change


We have learnt about the devastating forest fires which have destroyed parts of the Amazon Rainforest and how Climate Change is affecting our future.



During international week we looked into the beautiful country of Iceland. We research at different things that was unique to them.


We also created art pieces on black paper with chalk and oil pastels of the Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights as some people know them. The results were amazing!!




First we looked at astronauts. They have to do lots of training before they are allowed into space. We wrote diary entries imagining we were Astronauts and it was our first time in space. We thought we would have to most fun floating around the space ship.

It was funny looking at pictures of astronauts sleeping!! Their hands would stick out from their body.



Neil Armstrong is one of the most famous ones. He was the first to land on the moon. We were News Reporters and created newspaper articles. 


Did you know over 600 million people watched the first moon landing on TV and some people even had parties!



The Solar System




We used toilet paper to show how far each planet was from the sun. Each sheet was equal to 10 million KM. Neptune was 450 sheets of toilet paper away from the sun that's nearly 4.5 billion KM. I wonder how long it would take to get there?