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Reception - Dosbarth Derbyn

Welcome to the Reception Class

Croeso Dosbarth Derbyn!

Teacher: Mrs Lavington

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jones, Mrs Stephens, Miss Crothers 

PPA: Miss Cosh 



FRUIT / Ffrwyth

Every morning, the children may buy a healthy snack and a cartoon of milk for £1 a week.



We are trying to reduce the number of bottles we throw away so are

encouraging the children to bring a water bottle to school or buy a Greenway one for £1.50, available from the school office. They may fill it at the fresh water fountain. They can keep this in class and re hydrate throughout the day.


PE Ymarfer Corff

Monday– indoor

  If you wish your child to wear a kit for PE, please send in a bag with name clearly labelled. Kit can be left in school and taken home to wash half termly.

This term we will be exploring the topic 'Summer Sensation.' We will be learning all about Summer and finding out about different sea creatures.









We have been learning about Ramadan and Eid. The children enjoyed hearing how their friends in the class celebrate. The children made beautiful Ramadan Moons.



We played the 'Guess Who?' game. The children described a minibeast and the class had to guess what minibeast they were describing.

We went on a minibeast hunt in our outdoor area. We are learning to recognise and name minibeasts. We found lots of different kinds of minibeast. It was so interesting and we had great fun learning.   


To celebrate the coronation of King Charles 3rd we held a class party. In groups we decided what we needed for the party. We wrote invitations to our friends. We made crowns to wear during the party. We made  bunting, flags and paper chains and decorated the classroom. We were asked by the school council to dress in red, white and blue. We had great fun!



We read the book ‘What Will the Weather Be Like Today.’ We decided we wanted to be on the television and tell the weather. We used the Green Screen to record our weather forecasts. We had to speak clearly and use gesture.






Our topic this term is called ‘Animal Magic.’


We will be learning all about dinosaurs and other animals through fun and engaging activities.


Here are some of the books we will be using to support our learning.









In our role-play area we have created a ‘Dinosaur Den.’ We have been learning how to be palaeontologists. It has been great fun dressing up and digging for dinosaur bones.


We had a wonderful time learning about dinosaurs when we visited the National Museum Cardiff. We attended a workshop where we learnt how dinosaurs made sounds.

We held real fossilised bones from the back of a dinosaur.

We listened to a story about 'Alby the Dinosaur.'



After we had lunch we went on a tour of the dinosaur exhibitions. The experience helped us to learn and understand what it was during the time dinosaurs were on planet earth.


We celebrated our learning for the Autumn term by inviting our families to a our class assembly. We sang songs, presented our work and performed role-play to show everyone what we have learnt. At the end of our assembly we received a huge round of applause!


To help the Nursery children learn about dinosaurs, Mrs Hobbs asked us to make a class book about dinosaur facts. We made a class book of facts and we also made an eBook using the iPad app 'Book Creator.' We hope you enjoy watching our eBook and learning some dinosaur facts!  



Mrs Hobbs asked the Reception children to write a book about dinosaur facts for the Nursery. The children also made an EBook for the Nursery. Mrs Hobbs and all the Nursery teachers and children enjoyed learning dinosaur facts from our books. 



Dinosaur Facts

Still image for this video

To help us to remember the names of different dinosaurs we went on a 'Dinosaur Hunt' in the outdoor learning area. We used IPads to take photographs of the dinosaurs we found. It was great fun and we were learning at the same time!



Two of the dinosaurs, the Raptor and T-Rex escaped from Harry's bucket. We found their footprints in the outdoor learning area. They were huge! We measured the footprints using our feet. We measured from the same starting point.  We found out that the T-Rex has the biggest footprint.





We created images of our favourite dinosaurs using the computer programme ‘Purple Mash.’ We are listening to instruction to help us. We saved and printed our work.

You can see all our pictures on our classroom wall.


For the St David’s Day Eisteddfod the Reception Class painted pictures of daffodils and sang the Welsh songs ‘Heno, Heno,’ and ‘Clap, Clap Un, Dau, Tri.’ The theme for the St David’s Day home school task was to make something related to living in Wales.

We had a fantastic time celebrating with the whole school during the Eisteddfod.


During St David’s day we learnt how to paint pictures of a Welsh lady and red dragons. We have displayed the paintings in the corridor. They look amazing!


We made some traditional Welsh cakes. We measured the ingredients on a weighing scale. We mixed the ingredients of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and fruit. We cooked them on a baking stone. They tasted delicious! 


We decided we wanted to make necklaces for our mums on Mother’s Day. We began by creating our own repeated pattern designs. We made some salt dough into the shape of beads and painted them. We then threaded the beads. We made our own wrapping paper by printing repeated patterns with paint. We made Mother's Day cards and wrote a poem for our mums. How clever are we? 



We read the book ‘DINOSAURS and all the rubbish.’ We investigated different theories as to why the dinosaurs became extinct. We carried out experiments to help us understand. We made posters showing the different ways that dinosaurs may have become extinct. We sorted different types of recycling materials and saved the sea creatures from the rubbish!




Look at our wonderful Easter bonnets that we made at home. We had a great fun showing them to the whole school during our Easter Bonnet Parade.


This term we will be exploring the topic ‘My World.’

The children have used their pupil voice to make decisions about what they would like to learn about their world. They decided they would like to find out about our bodies and the people in their world.


Here are some of the books we will be looking at to support our learning.





We went on a walk around our school to explore and find out about our school. We found out that we have an amazing school with many areas to play in and investigate. We particularly like our Edible Garden. 




We have been looking at how to stay healthy.

We have been learning how to wash our hands properly. To help us wash them for at least 20 seconds we sing the Happy Birthday song twice. It makes it fun!

We made creative hankies that remind us to ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’.


We have been playing in our hospital and home corner. We have had great fun talking and listening to each other whilst pretending to be many different characters. 



The whole school took part in 'Be Your Best Day.'  The aim of the day was to celebrate the 'Four Purposes' of our curriculum through taking part in activities related to our 4 emojis -Healthy Harry, Ethical Emma, Ambitious Ahmed and Creative Catrin. We had a fun day of learning and we dressed up as our favourite emoji!


We have been learning to write our names and to write and mark make in lots of different places and for lots of different reasons. 




We have been learning through play in many different activities.




We used the IPad app called Book Maker to create talking books about what we can do with our bodies .



Still image for this video
'I am ....'


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We have been using our ‘flippy flappers’ to help with our gross motor skills and to write letters and numbers. It is great fun!


Everyday our ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ helps us to learn to speak clearly in Welsh by asking the children questions, singing songs and playing games. 



We looked at the human skeleton. We found out that we need our skeleton to give the body its shape, allow movement and provides protection for the inside of our bodies. We made our own skeletons that move using split pins and we used black paper and white pens to draw skeletons. Don't they look great?


We read the book 'PEACE AT LAST.' We went on a listening walk and found out there are many sources of sound.

We used our 'pupil voice' to say what we would like to learn from the book. We had great fun doing the activities we suggested. 


We went on an autumn walk to look at how the environment has changed since the summer. We saw that the leaves on the trees have changed colour from green to reds, oranges and browns. We found many leaves on the ground and bushes with berries. Our orchard has fruit ready to be be harvested. we are going to make an fruit crumble with the produce we collect.  





For harvest we collected many apples from our orchard. We counted and sorted the apples by size. We made delicious apple crumble with the apples we harvested.


We read the book Owl babies.

The Owl Babies swooped into our outdoor learning area and made a dreadful mess of our autumn table. We worked hard in groups to sort the table. We sorted by items, shape and colour.


The Owl Babies were very hungry. We decided that we wanted to make them bird feeders. We made our bird feeders using Wheetos cereal and pipe cleaners. We also made bird feeders using cardboard rolls, lard and bird seeds. The Owl Babies were really happy!


The wind destroyed their nest. The children decided they wanted to make a new nest for the Owl babies.

We went in the outdoor learning area and collected a variety of natural resources to make the nests. We used a check list to help us collect what we needed. The Owl Babies slept in our comfortable, cosy nests!

We decided that we wanted to make cosy nests for the Owl Babies using Lego.

We had great fun thinking of many ways to construct the nests.

Don’t they look great!


We created an Owl Babies area in the tuft spot.

We had great fun re-telling the story.


We went on a shape hunt outdoors. We used our magnifying glass to help us.

We made owl shape pictures.

We helped the Owl Babies sort and tidy the mess of rubbish they made. We found out the rubbish was made of 2D shapes. We used the 2D shape rubbish to make owls. 


We made owl babies using playdough, natural resources and buttons. We took photographs of our Owl Babies using the IPad.