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Summer Term 2018

Our learning for the next few weeks will focus on 'Pirates'.

We will learn about Famous Pirates and local Welsh Pirates, how they lived and what they did.

We have started to make 'Treasure Chests' which are in progress!

We have painted pirate ships and will be making treasure maps.

We have been busy planting flowers in our garden. We filled the pots with compost, planted the flowers and gave them a good watering. 
Some of the children had great fun creating their own 'Ant house' after the grass had been cut. It was very imaginative and they worked well together as a team.

Year 2 were very lucky to be invited to the HUB to the opening ceremony of Rumney Orchard. The Mayor of Cardiff planted a tree and unveiled the garden's plaque. 

We got involved with different activities such as planting some seeds, looking for minibeasts, weeding the pots and making smoothies powered by a bike! 

Our Class Assembly was all about things we have learnt in Year 2.

We loved the context of 'Chocolate' so we told the audience about Roald Dahl and his book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.'

We introduced the characters from the book and performed an Oompa Loompa and Augustus Gloop Dance.

This week we have been investigating using 'Building Blocks'.


We were given these statements and we had to find out whether

they were a 'silly' or 'sensible' suggestion. 

We measured our hand spans, then multiplied it by 3 to see if it was the same as our head measurements. 

It was a 'sensible' suggestion for Mrs Evans because her hand span was 19cm and her head was 57 cm so it was true.

But we found it was a 'silly' suggestion for most of the children. 

We measured our legs and our height to see if our leg length was half of our height. 

Some children found this was 'sensible' but some found it 'silly'. But we had great fun measuring to find out!