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Reception - Dosbarth Derbyn

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Welcome to Reception!
Croeso i ddosbarth derbyn!

Teacher: Mrs Lavington
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jones and Mrs Stephens



Summer 2 2017

Our topic this half term is 'Seaside Sensation.' We will be reading many books related to the seaside. 






We read the book The Sand Horse. We talked about the story and then role played the story. We went and worked together in groups outside and created our own sand sculptures using wet sand.





In the outdoor learning area we re-told the story of The Whales' Song, Dolphin Boy and Seal Surfer. We each took a different role and acted as that character throughout. We had great fun and can now talk about each story confidently. 




We have been painting pebbles with acrylic paint.






We have created a seaside cafe and a beach area in our classroom. Look at us taking on the role of a costumer, shopkeeper and children on the beach.






We investigated rock pools. We looked at a real crab. It was very interesting. We are able to label a crab. We made some crabs using paper plates. Don't they look good?









Summer 1 2017

Our topic this half term is 'If you go down to the woods today.....!

We will be reading many books related to the woods. 



We have created the Three Bears Cottage. We have been re-telling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have had great fun dressing up and changing the story to make it more fun. 






We followed a recipe and made three different flavours of porridge. One was too salty, one was too sweet and one was just right!!!





To help us recognise, name 2D shapes and be able to describe them we used different shaped coloured paper we created lovely pictures of Goldilocks. We then sorted 3D shapes.





We have drawn a story map of The Gruffalo. We then used the map to re-tell the story to an audience. They all loved our pictures. 




We followed visual instructions to create a Graffol using paper bags and a variety of materials. 





We went on a coach to Cwmcarn Forest Drive. We met Martin Green the environment teacher who took us for a walk. We looked at the different types of vegetation and went on a minibeast hunt. We learnt to recognise and name many minibeast. It was great fun!










Spring 2 2017


Our topic this half term is called 'Mirror, mirror.' We will be exploring the story 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.'



We have created a hairdresser in the classroom. The children have been making hair appointments for clients, cutting, dying and curling hair (don't worry only pretending). They are having great fun learning through role-play. 







We are having great fun dressing up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and playing in the dwarf's cottage. 





To celebrate St David's day we painted pictures of daffodils, ate Welsh cakes and sang Welsh songs during our Eisteddfod.








Spring 1 2017
Our topic this half term is called 'Dinosaur Days.' We will be learning all about life long ago. We will be visiting the 'National Museum Cardiff.' The children will attend a workshop where they will have first hand experience of handling artefacts related to dinosaurs. 

The children will have great fun finding out how dinosaurs lived by exploring a range of information books and listening to many stories. 
We have created a hairdresser in the classroom. The children have been making hair appointments for clients, cutting, dying and curling hair (don't worry only pretending). They are having great fun learning through role-play. 
We were amazed to find very, very large footprints entering our classroom. We followed the footprints and discovered an enormous egg. The egg was shaking and moving. We guessed what could be inside the egg. We thought maybe a chicken, dinosaur or an elephant. Eventually the egg cracked open and we discovered that the creature inside the egg was a baby dinosaur called a Triceratops. It was great fun.
We decided that we would like to learn all about dinosaurs. In groups we explored what we already know about dinosaurs and what we would like to find out. Together we wrote and drew pictures on a chart of what we had explored. 
Everyone curled up and pretended to be a baby dinosaur inside an egg. We thought of many different words to describe what it would be like - cosy, warm, lonely, dark. 
We went on a dinosaur hunt. We found many different types of dinosaurs which we named and counted. It was great fun! 

In the role play area we have made a dinosaur den. We have been pretending to live in the dinosaur age by dressing up in dinosaur outfits, playing with dinosaur puppets and toys. Don't we look scary? 


We found out that we know about dinosaurs because of fossils, which are impressions of a prehistoric plant or animal embedded in rock. We made dinosaur skeletons using straws. Can you tell which dinosaurs we made? 
Outside we pretended to be paleontologists. We used special tools to dig and careful remove soil to discover the hidden dinosaur fossil. 
We went to the National Museum of Wales to see the dinosaurs. We went to a workshop to learn all about the sounds of dinosaurs. During the afternoon we went to a creative workshop where we made our own city of the future by drawing pictures and making models. We had such great fun learning together. 

 We found out our favourite dinosaur in the Reception class is the T-Rex. We created a pictogram using the computer programme 2Count to record what are favourite dinosaurs are. 

We have been using the Smart Board tools to draw our favourite dinosaurs and write a matching sentence. We then saved and printed our pictures. They look really colourful and interesting on display in our classroom. 

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