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Year 2 - Blwyddyn 2

Croeso i Flwyddyn Dau

Year 2 team:

Miss Morgan, Mrs Desmond, Mrs Fitzgerald


General information:

PE days- Monday (please bring a kit in a bag clearly labelled)

Snack- £1.50 per week/ 30p per day

Water bottles- children can bring a water bottle to school. Water only please!

School Twitter - @GreenwayPrimary

Helpful websites-


All our Yesterdays

Books and stimuli for the term

Book day- making potions and finding out what happens when different ingredients mix together.

Wellbeing Wednesday- Year 2 love our Wellbeing Wednesday sessions

We have been practicing our measuring skills using different types of measurements.

The Edible Playground has started with a great success. We can not wait to harvest the lovely fruits and vegetables we have planted.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This half term Year 2 will be reading these books!

A selection of the Pupil Voice ideas we had at the start of the term.

What a start to the term. Year 2 have officially opened their construction site and been very busy on their first project- planes! We will be flying over Greenway Primary very soon!

Lots of excellent team work to build a balloon rocket. We have learnt lots abut the forces needed to make it travel!

Our Pupil Voice question was how does astronauts stay healthy in space? We found out that they need lots of healthy food, exercise and sleep just like us! the only difference is that they float around with no gravity!

We had a bus come to our school to visit us.It was an electric bus and we learnt that these are better for the environment.

We learnt about what makes an experiment fair or unfair. We set up a fair test ourselves as we like to be independent learners in Year 2!

Out and About 


The books we will be reading this term are:

Blwyddyn Dau will be exploring:

  • Different plants, trees and fruits
  • Life cycles of animals and plants
  • Where food comes from
  • Healthy diets
  • Map work
  • The honey bee- what they do, where they live and how they work together to make honey
  • Changing seasons

We will also be working hard on continuing to develop our independent skills throughout all our learning!

Year 2 learning about the importance of healthy diets!

We have been using water colours to create pictures of blossom trees!

Year 2 went on a nature walk around the school and took a tally of the different trees we saw.

The BBC came to visit us and film some dancing. We had lots of fun!

A beekeeper from Bute Park came to talk to us about her bees and how she makes honey. It was so interesting.

We have been learning about shapes. We were then able to sort them in different ways!

We have been learning about the different places in our local area. We went to the local shop and then later in the week baked bread using ingredients bought from a shop. It was so tasty!

We have been learning about doctors! We have found our local doctors surgery and now know what a doctor does, how to be a doctor and why they help us. Our favourite part of the week was the visit from the GP and Teddy Bear Hospital.