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Reception - Dosbarth Derbyn

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Welcome to the Reception Class 


Class Teacher: Mrs Lavington

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jones, Mrs Stephens, Miss Crothers, Mrs Hicks



Our topic for the spring term is called 'Once Upon a Time.' 

We will be exploring a variety of popular fairy tales. We will find out what the children want to learn after listening to each tale.  




We have been looking at the story of Cinderella. the children decided they wanted to be creative learners and make a Cinderella and the Prince using a variety of materials. 




We are having great fun dressing up and re-telling the story of Cinderella in our role-play area.




Before we play in Cinderella's role-play area we go to the hairdressers to have our hair and make-up done!!



The children decided they wanted to organise a ball like Cinderella.

We made crowns to wear at the ball. 




We had great fun at our fairy tale ball. We dressed up as princesses and princes, danced and searched for Cinderella's glass slipper. 









We read the book Cinderella and decided to explore at many artefacts from long ago. We were surprised and fascinated to learn how things have changed over time. 







We read the fairy tale Little Red Hen. The children decided they wanted to make bread and tast different types of bread to find out which was our favourite. We completed a tally and a pictogram. We found out a baguette is our favourite.





We read the fairy tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children decided they wanted to build the troll a big, strong boat so that he did not drown. We had to investigate which materials floated. It was great fun learning about materials, floating and sinking. We found out plastic, wood and cardboard floated.





We worked together in groups to make boats from wood or plastic or cardboard. We tested the boats on the water and found the boat made from plastic was the best – stronger and the best design.





We used VR goggles to look at different fireworks. It was very exciting. The fireworks looked as if we could touch them. We made Chinese lanterns and hats.





We read the fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs. We went for a walk around the local area to look at different types of houses. We went back to the classroom and drew and labelled our own house.





Our topic for the Autumn term is called ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Celebration.’ We will be reading and exploring many books about this topic. The children’s ideas on what they would like to learn – ‘pupil voice’ will be explored.




We went on a tour of the school. The children found it very interesting looking at all the different spaces and how they were used. They feel more confident about their surroundings now.





We move to music with our ‘flippy flappers’ to help us with our gross motor skills and to write numbers. It is great fun.



We read the book 'Aliens Love Underpants.' We had great fun painting our own patterns on underpants and ordering pants by size. 





We have been learning about the different planets in our solar system. We have made the Sun and the planets Earth and Mars using balloons and paper mache.





We made fruit kebabs. We are learning about healthy eating.





The whole school explored 'International Week. Each class investigated a different country. In the Reception class we looked at Wales. We tasted different types of traditional Welsh food and found out which one was out favourite - Welsh cakes won! 



We went on an Autumn walk to look at how the environment has changed since the Summer. We saw that the leaves on the trees have changed colour from green to reds, oranges and browns. We found many leaves on the ground and bushes with berries. 







After our walk we came back to the classroom and explored many activities related to autumn. We cooked apple crumble - it was delicious, drew pictures of autumn trees on the Smart board, made clay hedgehogs and painted pictures of autumn using the leaves we had collected. 











We have been learning to write our names and to write and mark make in lots of different places and for lots of different reasons. 








Anti-bullying Week

We have been talking about how we are all different and special in our own way.  We read the book ‘Elmer’. We made friendship bracelet. We created a friendship rainbow using our painted handprints.        







By creating a pictogram on the Smart Board we found out our favourite Elmer colour is blue and our least favourite colour is green.



We made playdough and had great fun learning to count, recognise and make  numbers to 10. 





We created a space station in our classroom. We are pretending to be astronauts flying to outer space and counting backwards from 10 as our rocket launches.





We have been learning to ask and answer questions in Welsh. Everyday we have great fun when the class 'Helpwr Heddiw' is the teacher, asking us questions and playing games in Welsh. 



We went on a walking exploring different sources of light. We found many sources of light around the school. 



We have had great Christmas fun activities.