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Year 1 - Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 1

Croeso i Dymor yr Hydref ym Mlwyddyn 1


This term our topic is


Out and about

We will be...


  • trying to capture a Meanie!
  • picking blackberries and making sorbet












  • harvesting potatoes and making chips
  • learning how to sort rubbish for recycling and compost
  • learning the importance of hand washing and personal hygiene
  • carrying out traffic surveys
  • keeping a record of how we travel to school
  • learning which materials rot and break down and which do not
  • learning the names of wild flowers and trees which grow in our grounds
  • visiting different environments: a river bank, a park, a forest, a hillside, the seaside
  • planning a bee and butterfly bed
  • planting garlic for harvesting next year
  • harvesting onions, cabbages, Brussels sprouts, sweetcorn, raspberries, Swiss chard and kale, and making tasty things with them






  • sharing our produce with the community


  • harvesting our pumpkin and making a Halloween lantern
  • learning about road safety


  • learning how to draw things from a bird's-eye view as a way in to learning about maps
  • learning what makes a healthy, balanced diet (with occasional treats!)
  • learning about seed dispersal​​​​​​​
  • learning and performing a harvest song

and many more..!












  • Guided Group Reading
  • spelling
  • handwriting
  • Big Writing: learning to write for a variety of purposes and in different formats
  • Maths: counting, addition, subtraction, 2D shapes, place value, number sentences and column addition, reasoning, Big Maths Beat That! addition songs, CLIC tests


Focus texts:

  • Kingcup Cottage (Racey Helps)
  • Splishy-Sploshy (Joy Cowley)
  • Seeds get around
  • Playing safely
  • I know that (June Loves)
  • Gerry's story
  • Cauliflowers fluffy (song)