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Autumn Term 2017

Our maths 'Learn Its' for the Autumn Term are...

Our topic for this half term is 'Fit and Healthy'

Here is a selection of some of the books we will read...

We will be:

  • Finding out about diet and exercise
  • Learning about the different food groups
  • Tasting and describing various fruits
  • Designing and making 'Fruit Faces'
  • Creating a gym in our role play area
  • Learning about the life of Florence Nightingale and why she was so important
  • We are holding an enterprise fair at Christmas - we will make something to sell and hopefully make a profit




Which shapes tessellate?

Our topic for the first half term is

Our School and Local Area



This is a lively and fun topic which teaches the children fieldwork and observational skills as they study the geography of Greenway School, the playgrounds and the key human and physical features of the surrounding environment.


We will:

  • learn about playgrounds in other countries.
  • gather information through field work, measuring and map activities.
  • think about our own homes and other buildings in the locality - we will look for which 3D shapes make the buildings.
  • build upon our knowledge of plants and growing.
  • map the local area to locate parks and shops.

We began the year making rhubarb crumble - picked ourselves from our garden

We conducted a traffic survey

Here are a few of the books we read in literacy

We love maths

What animals live in our garden? We went on a minibeast hunt to find out...

We can eat every part of a plant

We had a Beatboxing lesson