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Summer Term 2016

Summer 2 2016


Our topic this half term is 'Seaside Sensation!'

We will be reading many books related to the topic seaside. 
We read the book The Sand Horse. We talked about the story and then role played the story. We went and worked together in groups outside and created our own sand sculptures using wet sand. 
When we created our sand sculptures we looked at 3D shapes to help us. We went outside and looked for 3D shapes in the environment. 
In the outdoor learning area we re-told the story of The Whales' Song, Dolphin Boy and Seal Surfer. We each took a different role and acted as that character throughout. We had great fun and can now talk about each story confidently. 
We have been painting pebbles with acrylic paint. We have written words on the pebbles which we can put together to make sentences. 
We have created a seaside cafe and a beach area in our classroom. Look at us taking on the role of a costumer, shopkeeper and children on the beach.
We have been having great fun playing and learning in our outdoor area. 
In our block room we have been used a variety of different shaped blocks to create an underwater world. We worked together, sharing ideas and cooperating. 
Summer 1 2016
We will be reading many books related to the woods. 
We have been recreating the story of 'The Gruffalo.' We gathered natural resources from the outdoor area to create a story board in the tuff spot. We used puppets and soft toys to help us recall the story.  
We have read the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We found out that there are many different authors who have re-told the story in their own words. Our favourite one is written by the author Brenda Parks. 

We had a fun time taking on the role of Goldilocks and the three bears in our role play area outdoors and indoors.
We made three different flavours of porridge. One was too salty, one was too sweet and one was just right!!!
Using a variety of materials we created pictures of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 
We have been playing games and singing songs to help us learn how to answer questions about the weather in Welsh. 
We went on a coach to Cwmcarn Forest Drive. We met Martin Green the environment teacher who took us for a walk. We looked at the different types of vegetation and went on a minibeast hunt. We learnt to recognise and name many minibeast. It was great fun. 
We made minibeasts using clay and a variety of natural materials. 
Upbeat Music have been teaching how to keep a steady beat using a variety of percussion instruments. 
We had great fun learning about direction and computer programming. We programmed Bee-Bot to follow directions around a map that we made of a minbeast land.