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Horticulture and nature

Garddwriaeth a natur



Autumn Term - Tymor yr Hydref



  • Year 1 children learned how to pull up onions without damaging them and where to put them for their skins to dry out for storage









  • Year 1 children harvested garlic and left them in a warm, dry place to 'cure' so that they store for longer








  • Year 1 children also did a check on how well our fruit trees are developing in the orchard and mulched the soil with carpet to prevent weeds








  • Year 2 harvested and enjoyed the sweetcorn they had planted in the spring














  • They also harvested and roasted carrots, as did Year 4. Yums!


















  • Year 3 harvested and enjoyed their cucumbers, and while composting they came across an eight-legged friend!









  • Year 6 sowed spring cabbage seeds













  • Year 6 also harvested and prepared glazed courgettes











  • Year 1 transplanted some herbs into their final positions









  • Year 3 gathered blackberries and used them to make delicious blackberry sorbet

















  • Year 2 transplanted herbs - horseradish, dwarf curry plant, tarragon, garlic chives - into their final positions, and learnt how our water butt conserves water







  • Year 2 are learning the importance of composting ​​​​​​​




  • Reception children are also learning about composting. They then sowed spring cabbage seeds ready to transplant into the newly cleared areas.​​​​​​​








  • Nursery children harvested the pears in our orchard ready to make pear crumble next week