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Year 4 - Blwyddyn 4

 Croeso i Flwyddyn 4!

 Tymor Y Gwanwyn-Spring Term 2022    



Teacher/Athrowes-Mrs Anderson

                                Teaching Assistant-Mr Davies

                                                                                      Mrs Herring-Jones joins us every other week


Class information

Fruit snack-30p day (or the children may bring a piece from home to eat during 'Newsround', our children's daily news programme.

Please bring your PE kit on Wednesdays for Creative movement with Upbeat.

Reading books & homework, including new spelling words, go home Monday to be returned the following Monday

Spelling tests are every Monday or will be included in literacy lessons.

Big Maths Beat That and Learn Its test are every week with either Mrs Anderson or Mr Nicholas.



Blwyddyn 4 will be finding all about nature, what 'genius' looks like, renewable energy and amazing inventions. As a class, we held a meeting to discuss what we would like to learn about during the summer term. Here is some of the results from our chat:


An Introduction to Bright Sparks.

Year 4 will be learning all about nature, what makes a genius, amazing inventions and renewable energy.






Bright Sparks

Our context is /Ein cyd-destyn ydy 'In Ancient Times'

From our pupil voice, we looked at different ancient peoples and the children discussed some of the ones they would like to find out more about. They looked up the Celts, Romans and the Vikings. We will try to cover as much as possible but will start off with the Celts in Britain and why the Romans became the stronger group. Hopefully, we will have a visit to a Roman site in South Wales.


Here are some of the children's questions:

Where did they come from?

Where did they live?

When did they come to Britain?

What did they use to fight? What weapons did they use? Did they wear armour?

What did they eat?

Did they have schools?

What other things did they do?


We shall hopefully be visiting the Caerleon Roman Museum. (Details to follow)

We shall link our context into all other subjects to make it more enjoyable.

Our main focus will be on developing skills to link with the four Purposes.


English/Saesneg- Being mainly Ambitious Ahmed and Ethical Emma

We will be reading a selection of short stories, novels and 'Big' books. Some of our books will be read just because they are wonderful stories. We shall be finishing 'Awful Auntie' to finally see if Stella and Soot can get rid of Aunt Alberta! We have tried to link other books to topics such as 'Tell a Dragon'. This will link to our Welsh week and the Eisteddfod.

As well as reading as a class, the children have their own reading books and will bring a book home each week. Please encourage your child to read at home whenever they can READING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS and will help them in all the other subjects, including maths.



Maths/Mathemateg-being mainly Ambitious Ahmed but also Creative Catrin

We will cover lots of topics such as:

The 4 Rules ( adding & subtracting using money/ dividing using the bus stop method & multiplication-really trying hard to use multiples confidently),symmetry-linking this to the Celtic swords, weights and measures-linking this to weighing out ingredients for bread and Celtic biscuits and area and volume-linking this to the Roman baths and Roman villas.


The children will continue to do Big Maths, CLIC, every day and use a variety of resources to help them with their learning, such as Abacus, Kangaroo Maths and N.Rich.

After half term, we shall be doing the 'Tables Challenge' where the children work their way through the Times Tables,

learning them off-by-heart. This will help them as they approach their Reasoning activities.


Science/Gwyddoniaeth-being very much Ambitious Ahmed and Healthy Harry but also Ethical Emma and Creative Catrin

We shall be growing some vegetables just like the ancient peoples did and finding out how to keep them healthy. We shall be making some traditional foods such as stew, bread and using our creative skills to create a biscuit as a Celtic knot. We shall look at different materials to find out which ones are the best to build homes, tools and weapons.


Lots of fun to be had by everyone!!

Croeso i Flwyddyn 4


Athrawes-(class teacher) Mrs Anderson, 

Cynorthwyol athro- (TA) Mr Davies

Athro CPA-(PPA teacher) Mr Nicholas

We are very much looking forward to a happy and busy year in Year 4! 



Context-Cyd Destun

This term we shall be learning  all about things going on all around us, in our exciting topic What a Wonderful World’-

This is a Science & Humanities topic, linking to all areas of the curriculum.



Using ‘pupil voice’, children have discussed what they want to learn. They will be taking part in ‘missions’ to discover lots of new skills. The children have decided that they would like to find out what is inside the earth and all about the weather. They’d like to find places using a map of Wales and find out what it was like here a long time ago. We hope to visit Cardiff Bay. They would also like to learn about another country far away. Many of the children asked if we could grow flowers and vegetables. We will to do as much as possible!


PE-Ymarfer Corff

PE: Tuesdays

Kit –T-shirt, shorts/leggings & trainers. Please remind your child to bring their kit to school on Tuesdays. They may leave it in their locker for a couple of weeks and then bring it home to wash. As the session is towards the end of the day, they may wear their kit home rather than changing back into their uniform.

‘Fun Fitness & well being’  We will do this every morning. The children will get fit and feel good in a fun way!


                                             Pwy sy eisiau ffrwyth?

FRUIT / Ffrwyth: Every morning, the children may buy a healthy snack for 30p. The Year 6 children wash and sell the fruit and count our earnings. We use any profit to buy some special extras for the children in their lessons.

WATER BOTTLES/ Poteli dwr: We are trying to reduce the number of bottles we throw away so are

encouraging the children to bring a water bottle to school or buy a Greenway one from the office for £1.50. They They may fill it at the fresh water fountain. They can keep this in class and re hydrate throughout the day.

Proven to help us to think more clearly and increase our ability to focus. 



Homework Gwaith Cartref

This will be given out on a MondayIt will consist of: Spelling plus either, Literacy, Numeracy, or Context.

Please return it on the Friday to be marked.

Each Monday the children may choose a book from a large selection in our library to bring home unless they'd like to continue reading the one they already have. Please return books as soon as they are finished so another can be chosen.

How you can help your child

Listen to them read or encourage them to read books, comics, magazines or newspapers independently.

Support them to do research on a theme, to work out maths questions or to learn spellings for homework.

Send them to school every day!

All passwords are in the homework books.


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