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Year 2 - Blwyddyn 2

Welcome to Year 2

Croeso i Flwyddyn 2


Teacher: Miss Morgan

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Desmond, Miss Fitzgerald and Miss Naish

PPA teacher: Miss Cosh


FRUIT / Ffrwyth

Every morning, the children may buy a healthy snack for £1.50 a week. They will also receive a cartoon of milk.



We are trying to reduce the number of bottles we throw away so are encouraging the children to bring a water bottle to school or buy a Greenway one for £1.50 (these are available from the school office). They may fill it at the fresh water fountain. They can keep this in class and re hydrate throughout the day.


PE Ymarfer Corff

Monday– indoor

 If you wish your child to wear a kit for PE, please send in a bag with their name clearly labelled. Kits can be left in school and taken home to wash half termly.

Our topic this term is Splish, Splash, Splosh!


We will be learning about:

  • Sea animals
  • Lighthouses
  • Water transport
  • Pirates

We have been learning about the RNLI and Grace Darling. She lived in a lighthouse and rescued lots of people from a ship wreck. We decided to make our own lighthouse

Our Topic is Our Changing World


We will be learning about how different things around the world change. We will start by looking at how we change over time and then move on to how the Earth can change. 

We have been learning different dance movements in Upbeat.

We had a visit from Miss James' twins. We asked lots of questions about how babies change.

We have been learning about the environment and how the arctic is melting. We tried to insulate the ice cubes to stop them from melting.

We have been learning about melting. In pupil voice we decided we wanted to make our own chocolate bars using Fairtrade chocolate.

We wanted to find out if we could change the colour of white flowers. We put each flower in a different colour and waited a few days to see if it changed. Some colours worked better than others.

We have been learning about the difference between the Arctic and the Amazon. It was so much fun to see the snow and talk about what it would feel like if we were in the Arctic.

Our topic is called:

Amazing me!

We will be learning about:

  • Our emotions
  • How to stay healthy
  • Different types of exercise
  • How to have a balanced diet
  • We will use maps of our local area. 
  • How our bodies work- digestion, our brains and our lungs. 

Which material will protect the egg the best? The children wrapped the eggs up and dropped them from the same height so that their experiment would be fair.

The Dot! We loved reading the story The Dot and then becoming unique artists just like the characters in the story.

Be Your Best Day

We used multilink to help us find bonds of 10 and 20. We found lots of different ways and were able to write the sums that match the circles we had made.

Our Samba sessions are so much fun. We are getting really good at playing each instrument.

Pupil Voice- Can we see what happens to objects in different liquids. We set up our experiment up to see what would happen to the egg shells in different liquids. We imagined they were like teeth and the shell was the enamel. It was amazing to see how a sugary drink, lemon juice and vinegar changed the shells.