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Year 5 - Blwyddyn 5

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Croeso i Blwyddyn pump!

Welcome to Year 5's class page!

Teacher/Athrawes: Mrs Herring-Jones

Teaching Assistant/Cynorthwydd Dysgu: Mrs Hayes



Snack is available at 30p a day or £1.50 for the week.

The children will be using Google Classroom throughout the year! They will be able to access google classroom from home. If you would like any help please read the booklet below!


Parent help guide for google classroom.

Dyma Fi! This is me!

Croeso 'n ol. Mae'n braf eich gweld chi eto! Welcome back, it is lovely to see you all again! As we settle back into school life we are focusing on wellbeing. We have been sharing our worries away and focusing on what will help us lead a healthy lifestyle.


We read the 'Big Bag or Worries' and decided what we can do if we are worried. We even created our own worry monsters.

Everyday we have taken part in an early morning run around the playground. Take a look at our Worry Monsters below:

Outdoor learning, sharing our worries away!

World at War

This term we have been learning about World at War! Using pupil voice (SEE IMAGE BELOW) we have decided to learn about:

  • World War 1 and World War 2 in depth.
  • Other Wars that took place.
  • War Weapons - advantages and disadvantages 
  • The Trenches
  • Food during the war - rationing
  • Women working during the war.
  • Evacuees and much much more! Watch this space! 

PUPIL VOICE! We are being creative, ethical, ambitious and healthy confident individuals, in our learning!

We are enjoying science in year 5! We are learning about electricity (see image below) We are exciting to learn about electricity and technology during WW1 and WW2!

Creating Circuits and investigating Conductors and Insulators!

We pretended to be Soldiers living in the Trenches. We wrote an informal letter home to our loved ones. Some of us planned our letters on google classroom (see images below). It was very sad to read some of the real letters from WW1. We can't believe what Soldiers and their families went through.

Our informal letter Plans on Google Classroom