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Summer Term 2018

Amazing Africa

In the Summer Term we are going to learn all about the continent of Africa. 


We are going to learn about the different countries and find out how the people here live. We will look closely at the life of Nelson Mandela and find out about his struggles and how he rose to lead South Africa to a better future. Year 4 also have the opportunity to take part in two mini art projects; making African tribal masks and attempting to make pottery in the way African tribes would.


We will have the opportunity to choose what we want to learn about. We could choose to learn about the animals, countries, tribes, climate or many different things. We'll update to keep on showing what we're up to.


Finally, we have lots of opportunities in the final term. Straight away we will have an afternoon of Upbeat every Thursday where we will be learning the glockenspiel and learning to sing a number of tunes and a joint assembly along with year's 3 and 5. We hope to invite all in soon to share what we have been learning about.