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Spring Term 2018

Our topic this term is Earth and Space.


We will be finding out about:

The Solar system and the planets

The stars and how they shine

The moon and the changes throughout the year

The earth and how it rotates-day and night/seasons

The sun and its affect on the earth



In literacy, we shall be studying some books and writing texts relating to our topic:

  • Play script with humour-Abducted by Aliens by Ian Souter
  • Mission to mars research brochure 
  • Space newspaper report 



In maths, we shall be studying fractions and decimals, shape and symmetry, as well as systematically working our way through reasoning problems.



In Welsh, we shall be learning new vocabulary associated with time and talking lots about our interests.



Our Space Topic


We really enjoyed our topic this term learning about the earth and the other planets in the solar system. We are very proud of the work we have produced and displayed in our classroom!

The Solar System


In class, we have been using the internet safely to research facts about the solar system, the sun, and objects that orbit the sun. We each researched a different part of the solar system and created a poster to present to the rest of the class. Here are the posters we created: