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Year 5 - Blwyddyn 5

Croeso i Flwyddyn 5

Teacher: Mr R Beynon

Teaching Assisstant: Miss L Kingman

PPA Teacher: Mrs D Anderson


PE/ Ymarfer Corff

Friday– Outdoors

We will have our PE session every Friday. As these sessions will be outdoors can the children please wear appropriate clothing (trainers, joggers). As the session is towards the end of the day, they can wear their kit home rather than changing back into their uniform.


Our Expressive arts session in the hall will take place on Tuesdays in the hall.


'Wellbeing Wednesday'

We will do this every Wednesday afternoon as part of our 'Wellbeing Wednesday' scheme of work! Learners will decide what they want to do to help improve their wellbeing.


Homework/ Gwaith Cartref

Homework will be given out on a Monday. This will consist of their weekly spellings, their home reading book and then either a piece of English, Maths, Wellbeing or Context. Please return this on the Friday to be marked.

Each Monday the children may choose a book from a large selection in our library to bring home. Please return them as soon as they have finished so another can be chosen.



FRUIT / Ffrwyth

Every morning, the children may buy a healthy snack for 30p. The Year 6 children wash and sell the fruit and count our earnings. We use any profit to buy some special extras for the children in their lessons.



We are trying to reduce the number of bottles we throw away so are

encouraging the children to bring a water bottle to school or buy a Greenway one for £1.50, available from the school office. They may fill it at the fresh water fountain. They can keep this in class and re hydrate throughout the day



Spring 2023- "Power"

This term we will be looking at things that are powerful. The children have decided that they want to learn about:


- The Power of People

- The Power of the climate

- The Power of the brain

- The Power of technology/money

- The Power of nature

Autumn 2022- World At War

This term we will be looking at the context 'World at War'. We will be looking at different wars that have taken place and the impact they have had on our modern world. 


Pupil voice has led the ideas for our learning this term and there have been some brilliant ideas! You can see the jam boards with our ideas below. 

Training for the War

We imagined we were soldiers during World War 2 and did similar exercises that they would have done. It was really tough and Mr Beynon was a strict Seargent Major! We marched, did drill exercises like star jumps, press ups and squats and then worked as a team to complete an assault course.

Measuring Anderson Shelters

On our Calculation Station Mission we researched how big Anderson Shelters were and drew them out to size on the playground. We were a bit squashed sitting in them!

Goodnight Mr Tom

In literacy we have been reading the classic War based novel "Goodnight Mr Tom" written by Michelle Margorian. It is about a boy named Will who gets evacuated from London to the countryside. He moves in with an old man called Tom Oakley and begins to flourish under his care. 


We are writing an alternative ending to the story and in the build up looking at the characters and their relationships, highlighting the key events in the story and even describing Mr Tom in Welsh!


We have really enjoyed reading the story and it has given us a great idea as to what like could be like for an evacuee.