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Autumn Term

Reception Class of 2018-2019




Our topic this term is called 'All About Me.'


We will be learning all about ourselves through fun and engaging activities. 


The new outdoor equipment has been installed.

The children are already having great fun playing and learning on the equipment. 







Look at us playing in our Reception classroom! We are having fun making new friends and learning. 





During our first week we went on a walk around the school. It was interesting learning about the school environment. 





We have been finding out what colour eyes we have in the Reception class.  We found out most children have the colour brown and the least is colour green. We created a pictogram to show what we found out.



In mathematics we have been learning about patterns. We have been copying, continuing, describing and creating patterns using colours, shapes, objects, sounds and actions. We made fruit kebabs with a repeating pattern. The kebabs were delicious! 





We read the book Mr Gumpy's Outing. Mr Gumpy's boat tipped over because there were too many animals on board messing about. Mr Gumpy sent us a letter asking us to make him a bigger boat. We began by investigating what materials floated. We decided to make 3 boats from wood, plastic and cardboard. The plastic boat was the biggest and best. We had great fun learning about different materials, measuring and counting. 









Charlotte from Upbeat music has been teaching us many new songs. We have had great fun singing and dancing. 





We have been learning all about our 5 senses. We tasted different types of food. In groups we found out what fruit was our favourite We recorded the information on a tally chart and on a pictogram using the computer. 






We went on an Autumn walk to look at how the environment has changed since the Summer. We saw that the leaves on the trees have changed colour from green to reds, oranges and browns. We found many leaves on the ground and bushes with berries. 






Look at the images of Autumn trees we created using the Smart Board!




We explored pumpkins by using our sense of sight, smell and touch.








When talking about our bodies we read the book ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ We used a variety of ingredients to make our own Gingerbread Men.’ We measured, mixed and stirred the ingredients. They tasted delicious!







We have been learning to recognise and write our names in school and at home.



We have been talking about how we are all different and special in our own way.  We wore odd socks, read the book ‘Elmer’ and made friendship bracelets.                    

Anti-Bullying Week






We took photographs of leaves we had collected during our Autumn walk. We showed each other our photos. We assessed each other’s photographs saying 2 things that were good about the photos and one thing they could improve on.



We made reindeer chocolate lollies and snowmen baubles for enterprise week. During the fair we also organised a Christmas tree lolly game. After deducting expenses we made £47 profit. This money will be spent on new equipment for the Reception Class.







We have been busy using a variety of materials to make Christmas Cards and hanging tree decorations. We are going to take them home for our family.