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Summer 2016

Summer 1 2016

Our topic this half term is 'All our yesterdays'
We will be travelling back in time to find out what life was like over 100 years ago.

  • What was it like in schools long ago?
  • We will be comparing homes from long ago with modern homes. 
  • Our role play area is a Victorian School
  • In RE we are talking about 'Special Places'
  • We visited St Fagan's - we had a fantastic time seeing the past come to life.  


Here we are in Maestir School...
We learned how people washed their clothes 100 year ago...
  • We used batteries, wires, bulbs and a switch to create a circuit all by ourselves!

Summer 2

Our special topic for our last half term of the year is
The Olympics

We will be learning about Brazil, the history of the Olympics and about the various sports that will be played.
Look at these amazing Olympic rings we made as a homework task.
Our role play area is a travel agents
We drew pictures of famous sights in Rio.  Do you recognise them?
In science we have been learning about forces. We investigated how to make a car travel further.  We discovered there were 4 things we could change to make this happen.  Can you remember them?
Today we investigated whether smaller cars travel further than larger cars on the same flat surface.
What a fantastic Sports Day we had this year!  Well done everyone!
see more Sports Day photos in the gallery...