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Year 1 - Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to Year 1 - Croeso i Flwyddyn 1


Teachers: Mr Evans and Miss Morgan

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Pym and Miss Chowdhury


Our topic in the Autumn Term was:

Out and about

We were:


  • gathering blackberries and making blackberry juice




  • examining how seeds are dispersed and categorising them into groups
  • planting garlic and onions
  • harvesting our potatoes and making them into chips


  • picking and enjoying the apples and pears from our orchard and the raspberries from our garden


  • taking an autumn forest walk to find out what happens in nature at this time of year in Wales


  • learning how to describe the weather in Welsh, as well as the names of animals and of colours
  • planting spring bulbs
  • taking part in Harvest Festival preparations
  • making and using our Forest Florist role play area to practise using money
  • making autumn art
  • taking a trip to the park to find different kinds of seeds and look for signs of autumn









  • learning new names for colours of autumn foliage
  • making an art display based on the work of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet


  • making sketches around the school grounds
  • doing a survey of car colours on Greenway Road and use the data to answer questions


  • finding out how animals and birds survive the coming winter
  • learning the life cycle of butterflies
  • learning how to label diagrams in the correct scientific way
  • finding out about the weather, clothes and festivals associated with the different seasons
  • rehearsing our class assembly
  • getting ready for Christmas











and lots of other things!










Our topic in the Spring Term is:

Planes, trains and automobiles

We will be:

  • making a Pupil Voice display so we can choose some of what we learn
  • making a table-top marble run to help us use timers
  • learning what makes a fair test by running toy cars down a ramp
  • describing vehicles in detail 
  • making lists of countries and other map features using an atlas and the Maptheworld app on iPads
  • learning about gravity
  • making a junk model car using real tools and wooden axles and wheels
  • learning what onomatopoeia is by listening to the sounds of vehicles
  • thinking about the appropriate method of transport for different vehicles
  • finding out what sustainable transport is and what we can use instead of motorised vehicles - bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards, longboards, feet
  • learning where our food comes from by checking labels and finding countries on maps
  • learning about forces by making a balloon rocket
  • doing an MOT on Mr Evans's car
  • using the four main compass points to find our way around
  • making a tour of Cardiff with some stops at points of interest
  • having a bus come to school and being given a guided tour
  • going on a miniature train journey
  • working as a team to make marble runs, car tracks and canals out of guttering and pipes
  • considering how animals are adapted to their different environments and learning about evolution
  • writing about how it must feel to take a journey into space
  • making boats of different materials to test for floating and sinking
  • using a book - Gerry's story - to help us learn about maps, based on our own city of Cardiff
  • looking at objects from a bird's-eye view to help us learn how maps and their symbols are made and used
  • visiting a local park to look for features
  • comparing life in Wales with life in Sudan to make lists of similarities and differences
  • drawing and painting using perspective to create an illusion of distance
  • making a tourist leaflet of Cardiff based on what we have learnt
  • testing different sorts of paper aeroplanes