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Spring Term 2018

Our topic in Spring Term 1 was 

Planes, trains and automobiles

We were...

  • working out the right order for events in a story, and how to start each sentence




  • practising and using colour words in Welsh and naming colours we like or dislike




  • learning about different types of transport
  • thinking about which types of transport we use for different journeys
  • learning the names of different parts of a car
  • giving Mr Evans's car an MOT
  • making a model car with moving parts and giving them a test drive








  • learning what makes a fair and an unfair scientific test using vehicles


  • playing in our travel agents role play area
  • making tracks for toy vehicles and marbles by using guttering and pipes
  • working as a team to make a marble run


  • learning the names of vehicles in Welsh
  • brainstorming the names of as many different countries as we can
  • using maps and atlases to learn about the wider world
  • making a model town for our train set
  • using vehicle sounds in our writing
  • writing pen-pal letters to our friends in Murcia, Spain
  • using stopwatches to measure time
  • doing African drumming on the djembe with Mr Rees from Upbeat Music




and LOTS of other things..!



Our topic in Spring Term 2 is

Now and then

We will be


  • sorting items into things used long ago and things we use today


  • preparing for our school Eisteddfod
  • writing letters with quills and scrolls in our role play castle
  • learning the names of baby animals
  • writing about our earliest memories and our dreams for the future
  • learning about homes one hundred years ago, especially wash day and bath time
  • thinking about how we change as we get older
  • ​​​​​​​studying some artists from the early 1900s


  • designing building block castles
  • watching children's TV programmes from the past and voting on our favourites 
  • getting ready for Easter