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Year 2 - Blwyddyn 2

Welcome to Year 2!     Croeso i Flwyddyn 2!


Teacher: Mrs Kupé
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Desmond


Fruit snack £1.50/week (30p/day)
Please bring your PE kit on Wednesdays
Reading books go home Monday and should be returned Friday
Spelling tests are every Friday and new spelling words go home on Monday
Big Maths Beat That and Learn Its test are every Friday
Our maths 'Learn Its' for the Summer Term are...





Click HERE to see photos from Sports Day

Click HERE to see photos of our

trip to Barry Island.

Summer 2

'Fantasy Island'


Our final topic of the year is Fantasy Island.  We have a huge range of Pirate themed books in our book corner.  Here is a selection of a few we will be reading...

Hello me Hearties!  We will be learning all about pirates this half term!  


Here are some of the questions that our class wanted to find out...


Who were they?  What was it like being a pirate?  Where did they come from? What did they wear?  What did they eat?  Were there girl pirates?  What was the pirate code?  What were their ships like?  Why were pirates marooned?  Did they make people walk the plank?


We will be finding out all the answers, and more, over the next few weeks.


We will also be practising for Sports Day, which will be held on Friday 14th July.

Click HERE to find out more pirate facts!


Click HERE to watch the author Michael Rosen read The Night Pirates

Our role play is a desert island

Some beautiful Beach Art

We have been tasting some fruits that grow in the Caribbean

We made a compass using a magnet & a pin

Looking after the fruit and vegetables we are growing in our garden

Investigating capacity

Fun Day

Summer Term 1

All Our Yesterdays


We will travel back in time to explore what life was life over 100 years ago.


  • We will compare homes from long ago with modern homes.
  • What was it like in schools in Victorian times?  
  • Our role play area is a Victorian school.
  • In RE we are finding out about 'special places'.


We played traditional games from long ago

We used toy cars and marbles to investigate forces - we tried to make them travel further and further and worked out which surfaces made them slow down and stop.

Investigating forces

Here are some of the books we will read...

The Ministry of Chocolate - a real life Willy Wonka - came to Year 2 and we made our own chocolate cakes and lollipops.  We also learned who the first people were to invent chocolate and tasted some cacao beans.



We started the term practising for the national literacy and numeracy test.

Click HERE to find out more.

Click HERE to see some sample numeracy test papers.

Click HERE to see some sample reading test papers



Spring 2


Eisteddfod 2017


Well done everyone for taking part.

This half term our topic is CHOCOLATE!

We will be...

  • Reading: Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', 'From a Bean to a Bar', 'Juliana's Bananas' and Charlie and Lola's 'But I do know all about chocolate'.
  • Comparing the characters in the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Designing a new chocolate bar for a friend
  • Learning about the Journey of Chocolate and how it is made
  • Finding out about Fairtrade 

Building Blocks - Measuring

Our role play area is a Willy Wonka sweet shop

We can sort 3D shapes using a Venn diagram

We planted seed potatoes - looking forward to harvesting them in Autumn!

We made graphs to show the colours of different sweets

Building Blocks - Budding Builders

Making our crispy cakes for Mother's Day

Red Nose Day 2017

8 of us went to a special trip to share our IT skills

Spring 1 2017


Our new topic is 'World of Contrasts' 
We will be finding out about two contrasting environments...
the Jungle 
& Polar Regions
We will be reading and writing about...
  • We will learn how to say the weather in Welsh and make our own weather books. 
  • We will be learning about Captain Scott and his trip to the South Pole. 
  • We have 2 role-play areas: Polar regions and the jungle... We will exploring, dressing up in the animal costumes and making Jungle animal masks.
  • We will work as a team to build our own igloo using the block play equipment...
  • We will be sorting animals into groups that we choose. 
  • We will be learning how to sew as this half term we will be designing and making our own puppets!
  •  On Friday's we do 'real life maths' and problem solving.

Our class assembly was fantastic - well done Year 2!

Practise your subtracting.  Click on the pictures below.


Maths problem solving

Practising sewing skills

A show came to tell us about food hygiene.

​​​​​​Remember you can use Purple Mash at home.  Ask your teacher for your personal login details.  Click on the logo to go straight to the login page.



Practice your maths skills by playing against other children all over the world.  Ask your teacher for your personal login details.  Click on the logo to go straight to the login page.


Ask your teacher for your HWB password.  On Hwb and Hwb+ you can...


  • access your personal Hwb email
  • use online Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc)
  • use J2e 
  • write blogs and have online discussions with your classmates.
  • and much, much more.


Click the picture below to go to the Hwb login page.

Even and Odd Numbers Song

Shapes Song 2

Number Pairs Song

The Big Numbers Song

Learn all your numbers from 1 to 100!

Telling the Time Song

Months Of The Year Song