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Autumn Term 2018

Our topic this term is

Amazing me!

We will be:

  • learning to measure our height and weight and record it in different ways
  • making graphs of hair and eye colour
  • writing descriptively about our features and our favourite things


  • making factsheets
  • using a search engine to locate, save and print pictures
  • writing lists with bullet points and using dictionaries to help us
  • recording using tallying (five-bar gates)








  • learning what makes a healthy diet and making a healthy sandwich and fruit salad




  • cooking fruit and vegetables found in our allotment garden and growing in the school grounds




















  • learning to use a ruler to measure in cm - and to draw a straight line!
  • finding out what happens to our bodies when we exercise and why it is important
  • learning the names and locations of some of the organs of the body
  • making art using our hands and mouths


  • learning the names of the different parts of the eye
  • using our role play opticians to help us practise word and sound recognition



  • making face pictures using found and natural resources
  • going on nature walks in different locations around Cardiff
  • recording traffic on Greenway Road and learning about road safety
  • finding out which materials are the best insulators of heat
  • learning about the different kinds of gases in the air and which ones our bodies use

and so much more!