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Well-being Council

Wellbeing Council 2021- 2022

Our Main Aims for this year are: 


  • To be successful in being awarded our ‘Eco School’s Platinum Award’

  • To become a Nurture U.K. accredited School

  • To set up and successfully run and maintain our new Edible Playground 

  • To improve the well-being in the Oaks Federation 


The 6 Nurture Principles!


Our Wellbeing Council have been working hard to embed the 6 nurture principles across the school so that the teachers, children and parents understand what they are and why they are so important in helping us to become Healthy, Confident Individuals. We have been creating video lessons explaining the nurture principles and setting tasks for the whole school to complete in our 'Wellbeing Wednesday' sessions. Here is a little bit of information about the 6 principles: 


1. Our learning is understood developmentally

We are all individuals. That means not everyone learns at the same rate or time.

It's important not to get too worried or frustrated if you get stuck at something. Try not to compare yourself to others. It’s better to be patient and kind to ourselves. Try your best and be proud of what you can do.


2. The classroom offers a safe base

School should be a calm, safe environment for everyone.



3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

Looking after ourselves and other people makes us feel good in mind and body.

One way of doing this is showing kindness. When we are kind to other people, it makes them feel happy. It is good for your health too.


4. Language is a vital means of communication

What we say to people tells them a lot about us and how we're feeling.

Talking to someone you trust, like a teacher or classroom assistant, about how you feel can help them understand you and make you feel better too.


5. All behaviour is communication

It's not always easy to express how we feel in words. The way we behave towards other people says a lot about how we're feeling.

If someone in your class is misbehaving or not listening to the teacher's instructions, it's helpful to ask yourself:

  • How might they be feeling?
  • Why might they be behaving that way?
  • Are they feeling angry or frustrated? Or upset?

When we try to put ourselves in other people's shoes and imagine how they are feeling, this is called empathy.


6. The importance of transition in our lives

Change happens all the time. It can be exciting but it can also be scary.

Being back at school and spending time with all your classmates after being at home for months can be enjoyable but it can also be challenging. There might also be new rules and routines at school.

Remember, it's good to talk to people you trust about how you're feeling about any changes.


Nurture Principle One- Learning is Understood Developmentally

Nurture Principle 1

Activity One- What makes us unique? 

Nurture Principle Two- The Classroom Offers a Safe Base

Nurture Principle 2

Edible Playground Workshops Session 1

Edible Playground Workshops 2022

Planting a Tree for the Jubilee! 

Sustainability is extremely important to us as the Wellbeing Council so we were very excited to be gifted a tree that was planted in celebration of the Queens Platinum Jubilee! We then planted 6 more with the help of some special guests to commemorate the 70 years our school has been open, one for every decade. 

Travelling Sustainably! 

We really wanted to focus on improving congestion around our school site and so we signed up to the 'Travel Tracker Scheme'. This is where children can record how they travelled to school and earn badges for travelling sustainably. Each month the children receive their badges in our celebration assembly. We also held a 'Walk to School Week' in May. Children and teachers were encouraged to walk to school for the week and we held a competition to design your own fitness tracker, with the winners getting their very own tracker to record their steps walking to school. This was very successful and we had over 100 entries across the school! 

Eco across the Curriculum!

We are very passionate about all children in our school learning about how to look after our world therefore every class has completed some amazing projects on sustainability and saving the planet. Here is some of the things we have got up to as a school! 


Meet our Well-being Council for 2022

Introducing our Eco Council for 2021!


























Our new Eco Committee members have been elected. Photos coming soon...




Chairperson - Rafay
Vice Chair - Lara
Secretary - Sophie
Year 2 - Miley &  Bradley
Year 3 - Rebekah & Logan
Year 4 - Agnes & Chanbe
Year 5 -  David & Millie
Year 6 - Lara & Rafay




We have achieved our 3rd Green Flag

Our new Eco Code 2016-17

ECO WEEK June 2016!
Tuesday 14th - Friday 17th June was our "Eco Week".  
Every class participated in a range of Eco activities.

Nursery & Reception
We had great fun planting potatoes, onions, strawberries and flowers.  We learned that plants need water and sunlight to be healthy.  Our outside area is looking wonderful. 

Year 1 & 2

We filled in the old pond with natural matter found around the outside area.  Then we covered it with compost from our composters & some bought from a garden centre.

We want to attract pollinators such as bees.  We applied for a grant and were given £100 by the Natural Buzz scheme to buy bee friendly plants.  Watch this space for updates. Click HERE for more information on the Natural Buzz scheme.

Here we are sewing the seeds and watering the ground.
Year 3

We talked about ways we can save water. We worked as a group to think of all the ways we use water and how we can also save water. We had homework to find out how much water we use through a Water Diary. 
We learnt that:
- Turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth saves water
- Using a watering can instead of a hose pipe saves water
- Having a shower uses less water than a bath.

We really enjoyed learning about water and we are now saving a lot more thanks to our top tips

Year 4

Year 4 looked at water, its uses and how to conserve water.
·        We completed ‘Water Diaries’ at home and brought them back to school the following week.
·        We know how to save water at home and school and why it is better for the environment to take a shower       instead of a bath.
·        We also looked at how water is used in Africa and learned about Water Aid and the important job it plays in countries which have no fresh source of water.
·        We also completed a ‘Toothbrush’ challenge; by the end of the week, we ALL remembered not leave the tap running whilst we brush our teeth.
·        We all designed posters, reminding everyone to save water in our homes and not waste this very valuable and precious commodity.

Year 5

Mrs Anderson's class did a litter pick around the school grounds & analysed the results.

They also planted up some flowers to make our environment more beautiful and to attract bees.
Year 6
Firstly Year 6 completed a learning walk around the community, looking at features of popular routes to school.
One of our concerns was the amount of cars around our school during peak times.
We looked in to ways of reducing cars by promoting walking - however, after completing a survey we found that many parents were concerned for their child's safety.
We noticed that the roads around our school are in desperate need of more zebra crossings as children's safety is paramount. This resulted in Year 6 writing formal letters to Cardiff City Council explaining our issue.
The children completed map work, plotting where children in the class live. Some children who walk live next door to children who drive -These have now agreed to walk to school together. Another couple of children live extremely close to each other and take two cars - This has been reduced to one by sharing lifts.

Well done Year 6

We have achieved our 2nd Green Flag award!  Congratulations & well done everyone!



Our previous Eco Code...



Congratulations to the Eco Committee and all the boys and girls in Greenway who have contributed to us being awarded the prestigious Green Flag award.  We were presented with the flag at Cardiff's One World event, Cardiff Bay, Friday 14th June.