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Summer Term 2019

Our topic this term is

Splish! Splash! Splosh!

We are:

  • learning all about octopuses


  • understanding food chains and what happens when they are interfered with
  • making fish art in the style of Paul Klee
  • making 'wax resist' pictures


  • discovering the importance of water in Beti Bwt's wash day at St Fagans




  • working as a team to build a canal


  • investigating floating and sinking with different containers
  • learning about capacity and making estimates
  • making ocean paintings and learning the names of different shades of blue
  • sorting animals into categories
  • understanding the importance of water in gardening




  • listening to 'sea' music and drawing what's in our minds' eye
  • learning the names of sea creatures in Welsh and making extended sentences
  • visiting Barry Island and dipping our toes in the sea!
  • investigating how flowers take up water by doing a science test

​​​​​​​...and LOTS of other things!















Year 6 Skate Club trip to The Knap, Barry