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Autumn Term

Welcome to Greenway Nursery 2018-2019


Our Topic for this term is.... 



Over this term we will be exploring all about ourselves. We will be learning about

  • How our bodies work
  • Our skeleton
  • What we can do with our hands and feet
  • Our family 
  • Our senses 
  • Keeping clean and tidy 
  • Our feelings
  • How we are the same and different
  • looking after our teeth. 


We will be having a visit from the Brush Bus team to help us learn about our teeth and healthy food. 







We had new equipment in our Garden. 




We like exercising! 


Stretching & Dancing with Up Beat Music 


We made apple pizzas and baked apples

We enjoy reading!

We read the story- 

The Gingerbread Man

We had to solve a problem for the Gingerbread Man. How can he cross the water without being eaten by the fox? 

  • some of us built bridges
  • some of us used a boat
  • some made the Gingerbread man swim very fast.


We also built our own bridges outside and dressed up as the characters from the book. We used blocks to make a bridge to cross the water. 

Afterwards we made Gingerbread Man biscuits. They were lovely.