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Summer 2015

Summer Term 2015

Tymor yr Haf 2015

Our topic in Half Term 6 was

Under the sea

We were...
  • ?studying octopuses (octopi?) 
  • learning about food chains
  • estimating and measuring the capacity of containers
  • learning about floating and sinking
  • working as a team to make an irrigation channel
  • identifying sea creatures
  • creating and playing in our amazing underwater cave
  • making abstract art using paints or computer programs
  • finding out about Venn diagrams
  • visiting Barry Island
  • and lots of other things...  


Our topic in Half Term 5 was
Now and Then

We were...
  • learning the meaning of the terms past, present and future
  • looking at items from the past and thinking about what they are and who used them



  • learning about the Victorian seaside
  • thinking about our future selves
  • making a timeline, to scale, stretching back to the dinosaurs
  • considering what people did before the things we use today were invented
  • looking at how our houses have changed over time
comparing and sorting young and adult animals and learning their names
  • making Venn diagrams of items people used in the past and items we use today, with those we used then and use now in the intersection
  • painting a flower picture in the style of artist Claude Monet
  • using our Punch and Judy 1920s puppet show
and lots of other things...