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Foundation Phase

Autumn Term in Year 2 


Samba is the sound from Year 2 this term with Upbeat music. 

Autumn Term in Year 1

Year 1 are improving their physical skills and becoming 'Healthy Harry's'. 

Year 1 Games Club takes place every Wednesday after school. 

Autumn Term in Reception 

We learnt about the festival of Diwali. We designed our own Mehndi patterns, Created Rangoli patterns using Numicon and made and decorated Divas. 



The Reception children have been busy learning new words and phrases in Welsh. 

They have learnt to say 'Ga i........' which means 'Can I have.......'. They are able to use this phrase many times during the day. Here they are using the phrase to ask for different foods. They are also enjoying  looking at the Welsh book in their 'Cwtch Cymraeg'. 


Listening Games

We played some listening games and the children had to react to the different sounds they heard. 

They enjoyed being 'the teacher' and getting the group of children to respond to their commands. 

Autumn Term in Nursey 


Mrs Evans really enjoyed meeting the Nursery children. They are all settling really well and are already making new friends. 

We talked about how we need to stay safe when it is Bonfire night.

We made Bonfire pictures using our hand prints. It was lovely and messy! 

We made apple pies. They were delicious! 

We went into our garden to collect different leaves. We then made them into leaf pictures. They look great! 

The children are loving exploring our wonderful outdoor area. 

Upbeat music provide the children with the opportunity to make sounds and try different instruments.

'Big Ben' was created using magnetic building pieces. What a wonderful imagination! 

We are learning the welsh words for different colours. We started with Coch, Glas and Melyn. We printed circles in these colours and counted them as we filled up our paper. They looked great!