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Year 2 - Blwyddyn 2

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                        Spring Term 2021

             'Our Changing World'

Our learning context this Term is 'Our Changing World'. 

The link below will explain a little more.

This can also be seen on our Year 2 Google Classroom. 

Look who came and visited our classroom!

They left muddy footprints too. 

FxGuru_20201204_150913 (8).mp4

Still image for this video

                                 'Amazing Me!'


This term Year 2 are learning about what makes them AMAZING!

We are all different and unique and all have different interests and talents. 

We started the term by thinking about our emotions and feelings.

We read the story 'The Worrysaurus'. He was a dinosaur that worried about everything. He learnt to chase away the butterflies in his tummy and realised that things were not such a problem. 

We had a butterfly hunt in the garden and identified the ones that we found. 
We used JIT5 on Hwb to design butterflies using the chrome books. 

We read the book 'Silly Billy'. Billy would worry about things and could not sleep. His Nan gave him a 'Worry doll' which he could put under his pillow at night and they would take all his worries away. 

We really enjoyed making our own worry dolls.

We made 'Worry dolls' using natural materials we collected in our garden. 
We also tried to design a 'Worry doll' on JIT5 which was really tricky! 
We learnt about 'Recycle Awareness week 2020'. We sorted items into different categories and discussed the importance of recycling. We are really good now at using the compost bin in our garden for our fruit waste at morning play. 
We have learnt about healthy eating and having a balanced diet. We made our own eatwell plates showing that we need a healthy balance of Carbohydrates, Protein, Dairy, Fruit and Vegetables with a little Fat and Sugar. 
We found out what was the favourite vegetable in the class. Carrots were the favourite! Cabbage was not popular at all! We made block graphs on Hwb using  JIT5 Charts.