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Year 3 - Blwyddyn 3

Welcome to Year 3

Croeso i Flwyddyn 3

Class Teacher/Athro: Mr Nicholas

TA's/AC: Mrs Hayes, Miss Hronova & Mrs Camilleri

PPA Teacher/Athrawes CPA: Mrs Evans

Tymor Yr Gwanwyn-Summer Term

Our Class Trip/Trip y dosbarth

enlightenedOn Tuesday 24th May. We will be visiting the Rhymney Trail to take a look at the local energy resources. We will be taking our art supplies to create some real life art! enlightened



FRUIT / Ffrwyth

Every morning, the children may buy a healthy snack for 30p. The Year 6 children wash and sell the fruit and count our earnings. We use any profit to buy some special extras for the children in their lessons.




We are trying to reduce the number of bottles we throw away so are

encouraging the children to bring a water bottle to school or buy a Greenway one for £1.50, available from the school office. They may fill it at the fresh water fountain. They can keep this in class and re hydrate throughout the day.


PE/Ymarfer Corff

Tuesdays– Outdoors

We will have our PE session on a Tuesday. As these sessions will be outdoors can the children please wear appropriate clothing. As the session is towards the end of the day, they can wear their kit home rather than changing back into their uniform.

‘Fun Fitness & Wellbeing’

We will do this every afternoon for 10 minutes a day. The children will get fit and feel good in a fun way!


Homework/ Gwaith Cartref

Homework will be given out on a Monday. This will consist of; Spelling plus either, Literacy, Numeracy or Context. 

Please return this on the Friday to be marked.

Each Monday the children may choose a book from a large selection in our library to bring home. Please return them as soon as they have finished so another can be chosen.



Bright Sparks

Gwreichion Llachar


For our summer term, Blwyddyn 3 will be learning all about geniuses, nature, renewable energy and amazing inventions. As a class, we held a meeting to discuss what we would like to learn about. The pupil's voices were heard!


 Some of the topics we will be looking at include:


  • Genius - what is a genius? How have they shaped the way we live? 


  • Inventions - what inventions have had the greatest impact on the human race?


  • The wonder of nature - what forces are involved? How does nature impact our planet?


  • Renewable energy - what ways are we sourcing our energy? what will the future look like? 





An Introduction to Bright Sparks.

Year 3 will be learning all about geniuses, nature, renewable energy and amazing inventions.

We watched a video to get us in the mood:

We have been designing our rockets for Space X! We're hoping Elon Musk will see these! 

In Ancient Times

Yn yr Hen Amser!


As a class we explored different anicent times and what periods we would like to learn about. We decided to look at the Celts and Romans in particular. With Mr Nicholas the children will also be exploring Ancient Greece and Egypt! 


Here are some of our ideas about what we would like to learn about: 


  • Were the Celts or Romans stronger? 
  • What weapons did they use? 
  • Where did they live? 
  • What did they wear? 
  • What did they eat? 
  • Their tribes/ armies 
  • Famous Celts/ Romans 


We have loved learning about the Celts so far and are looking forward to learning about the Romans in the upcoming weeks. So far, we have made Celtic stew and bread and created our own instructions on how to make them. We have explored where the Celts lived, what they wore and have learnt about famous Celts such as Boudicca. We think we would have made the best warriors in Ancient Times! 


Here are some photos to show you what we have been doing so far! 

Well-being Wednesday!


In Greenway, we believe it is very important to care for our well-being. Each Wednesday the children decide an activity that they would like to do which will benefit their well-being. We have weekly discussions about what well-being means to us and how we can care for other people too. 

What a Wonderful World

Byd rhyfeddol!

This term our context is 'What a Wonderful World'.


As a class we have discussed through pupil voice what they would like to learn about and we have come up with some wonderful ideas! Throughout the topic we will explore each of these fantastic ideas on our journey around the world.


Here are some of the chilren's ideas: 

  • What do we have in our local area? 
  • Go on a walk around our local area
  • How big is Wales?
  • Famous people in Cardiff and Wales
  • Create a poster encouraging people to come to our local area
  • Create a leaflet about Cardiff
  • How to Welsh Folk dance
  • Nature in Wales


At the start of our topic we focused on our local area, Rumney. We have worked together using Google Maps to find buildings/ areas local to us, compared pictures of Rumney from the past to present and also sketched local buildings such as our beautiful school. We then went on a walk around our local area and made notes of what we have such as shops, doctor surgerys etc. We also had a Zoom call with our friends in Trowbridge Primary to talk about our local areas and our brilliant schools. 


From our pupil voice, we decided that we wanted to look at the beautiful nature we have in Wales. So, we went on a walk around our school grounds to find out what trees and plants we have. We then collected our favourite leaves to create leaf rubbings. 


Our favourite Mission and Pod of the topic was 'Wales VS the Caribbean'. We had so much fun! 


Investigation Station- We tried food from both places and decided which one was our favourite.

Creation Station- We created our own Welsh/ Caribbean music. 

Communication Station- We looked at different languages within both places and translated words to tell our partners. 

Calculation Station- We used the beebots to move around the grid. We then had to use our adding skills to unlock the locks. 


Here are some photos from throughout the topic!

Year 3's Version of the story Rama and Sita



In Year 3, we are very lucky to have sessions with Upbeat! In the Autumn Term we had weekly African Drumming sessions with Mr Rees. This half term, we have weekly sessions with Izzy for Creative Movement. We always have so much fun! 



Year 3 have won the WOW Travel Tracker this month by trying to travel to school in a more active way everyday!

We have a lovely trophy on display in our classroom now. Da iawn pawb smiley





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