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Key Stage 2


Miss Lambert


During PPA sessions this term we have been focusing on Big Maths, numerical reasoning and Creative Development.

The context for this term in Year 3 & 4 is "Globe Trotting" and in Year 5 & 6 the context is "World at War".



Year 3 - Globe Trotting


This term the children have started looking at the work of Kyffin Williams. A Welsh artist who lived in Anglesey. 

We learnt that he mostly liked to paint Welsh landscapes and used a palette knife and oil paints.

The children enjoyed looking at many of his paintings and choosing one of their favourites. The children then had the task of interpreting his painting discussing what they liked/disliked about the painting and suggesting how the painting made them feel.  



Year 4 - Globe Trotting 


This term the children have been looking at the artwork of Alfred Janes. A painter who lived in Swansea who mostly enjoyed painting portraits and still life. The children picked their favourite of his paintings and interpreted it. They discussed what they liked/disliked, the colours used, the patterns, how it made them feel etc. 

We then looked more closely at still life painting and discussed how Alfred Janes used light and dark colours to make the objects look 3D. The children then explored this and recreated an apple from his painting "The Benedictine bottle" using water colours.