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Key Stage 2


Miss Lambert


During PPA sessions this term we have been focusing on Big Maths, numerical reasoning and Creative Development.

The context for this term in Year 3 & 4 is "Globe Trotting" and in Year 5 & 6 the context is "World at War".



Year 3 - Globe Trotting


This term the children have started looking at the work of Kyffin Williams. A Welsh artist who lived in Anglesey. 

We learnt that he mostly liked to paint Welsh landscapes and used a palette knife and oil paints.

The children enjoyed looking at many of his paintings and choosing one of their favourites. The children then had the task of interpreting his painting discussing what they liked/disliked about the painting and suggesting how the painting made them feel.  



Painting with a palette knife

After we interpreted some of Keffyn Williams' paintings, we then discussed the effects using a palette knife made. We looked at an actual palette knife painting and talked about how the painting looked and felt bumpy. As we didn't have any palette knives in school we decided to try painting with glue spatulas to get a sense of how it might feel to paint with one. We found this a bit tricky but lots of fun! Just look at these amazing landscape paintings we created!

Year 4 - Globe Trotting 


This term the children have been looking at the artwork of Alfred Janes. A painter who lived in Swansea who mostly enjoyed painting portraits and still life. The children picked their favourite of his paintings and interpreted it. They discussed what they liked/disliked, the colours used, the patterns, how it made them feel etc. 

We then looked more closely at still life painting and discussed how Alfred Janes used light and dark colours to make the objects look 3D. The children then explored this and recreated an apple from his painting "The Benedictine bottle" using water colours. 

Still life

After we had practised making our paintings appear 3D using light and dark shading we applied this skill to our own still life painting. We looked at all of the still life paintings created by Alfred Janes and decided that we wanted to paint fruit and flowers just like he painted many times. We arranged a pineapple, mango and Gypsophila on a table and drew them. We focused on what we could see and not what we knew about the objects. This helped us create a more accurate picture.

Year 5 - World at War

This term the children looked at lots of different types of propaganda used in WWI. We began by interpreting the posters and suggesting how they would have been effective. We also discussed what we liked and disliked about them. We thought about the colour used, the pictures and the text.


We then focused mainly on the WWI British poster. We all agreed that we didn't like the poster very much.


"It's too serious." Logan

"There's no colour." Miley

"He looks intimidating and I think it would make me scared to join the army." Katie


We decided that we wanted to recreate the poster and make it more exciting.

Roy Lichtenstein - WHAAM!


We looked at the painting by Roy Lichtenstein named "WHAAM!". He painted this picture during the Vietnam war. We then looked more closely at his style of painting called Pop Art. We liked the bright colours, big writing and how it looked similar to a comic book. We thought this would be the perfect way to recreate our British WWI poster.


We started by painting the word "YOU" from the WWI poster.

Creating our background


We then looked at the way Lichtenstein used colour and detail in the background of his pictures. This influenced our decisions to create something similar for our poster.

Pop Art Lieutenant


Then it was time to add the Lieutenant. We decided to colour him in using felt pens in a true Lichtenstein style. We coloured him by using lots of dots. This is called "Pop art". This was a tiring job! But look how great he turned out.


When we out it altogether it looked like this!