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Tymor yr Hydref 

Autumn Term


  • Gwnaeth Blwyddyn 2 saws tomato i fynd gyda pasta, yn defnyddio tomatos a pherlysiau o'r ardd a nifer bach o gynhwysion eraill.











  • Year 1 harvested the potatoes they had sown in the spring. They washed them and helped prepare them, and then enjoyed delicious, crispy roast potatoes.



















  • Reception Class picked Swiss chard and spinach beet to make crispy 'seaweed'. It tasted just like the shop-bought version!















  • Reception Class are learning the correct way to water the crops in the Edible Playground.






  • Nursery children looked at photos of lettuces and then identified them in the Edible Playground. They harvested them, washed them, and enjoyed them with a bit of salad cream! The cucumber and tomatoes are from our Edible Playground too.














  • Year 4 took part in a wildflower hunt in the area around the school playgrounds. They found a big range of species, including willowherb, ragwort, common yarrow, thistle, red clover, dandelion, groundsel, ribwort plantain and fox-and-cubs.








  • Year 4 watched a programme about how carrots are harvested, then went outside to harvest ours. They prepared and roasted them - they were delicious! They have also started some other carrot-based activities linked to art, numeracy and literacy.

















  • Year 4 harvested our Edible Playground cucumbers and helped prepare them. Then they sampled them and described them - sour, crunchy, fresh, juicy, cold, refreshing. 









  • ​​​​​​​Year 4 dug up some potatoes. They learned the importance of storing them in the dark, while we decide what to make with them!







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