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Spring Term

Reception Class of 2018-2019


Our topic this term is called 'Animal Magic.'


We will be learning all about dinosaurs and other animals through fun and engaging activities. 



In our role-play area we have created a 'Dino Cafe.' We have been learning how to be a chef, a waitress and good customers. It is great fun learning through play.




Charlotte from Upbeat Music has returned to work with the Reception children. She is teaching us to sing in tune, to keep in time to a steady beat and to express ourselves through music and dance. We are always so excited to learn with Charlotte.  





We have been using Mego Blocks to create models of our favourite dinosaurs. Manan has made a T-Rex and Junior has made a Triceratops.



To help us to remember the names of different dinosaurs we went on a 'Dinosaur Hunt' in the outdoor learning area. We used IPads to take photographs of the dinosaurs we found. It was great fun and we were learning at the same time!



To help to name 3D shapes and recognise the features of a T-Rex dinosaur, we used boxes of a variety of sizes and shape to make our own T-Rex. He looks amazing!



We had a wonderful time learning about dinosaurs when we visited the National Museum Cardiff. We attended a workshop where we learnt how dinosaurs made sounds.


We held a real bone from the back bone of a dinosaur. It was hard, rough and cold. 






We compared the size of our head, teeth and feet with a T-Rex. Look how much bigger the dinosaur is! It was amazing! 






We listened to a story about Alby the dinosaur. We used percussion instruments to match the sounds the dinosaurs made in the story.







After we had lunch we went on a tour of the dinosaur exhibition. The experience helped us to learn and understand what it was like during the time dinosaurs were on planet earth.









We have been creating images of our favourite dinosaurs using the computer programme ‘Purple Mash.’ We are listening to instruction to help from Mrs Stephens to help us.       



We worked together to create a dinosaur land. We are going to program the Bee-Bot to move around the map.





Two of the dinosaurs escaped from Harry’s bucket. They were the Raptor and the T-Rex. We found their footprints in the outside area. They were Huge! We measured the footprints using our feet. We found out that the T-Rex has the biggest foot print.





We made some dinosaur biscuits. We measured the ingredients on a weighing scale. We  mixed the ingredients of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and syrup. We put icing sugar and a dinosaur's footprint on top. They tasted delicious!





We made some traditional Welsh cakes. We measured the ingredients on a weighing scale. We mixed the ingredients of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and fruit. We cooked them on a bakingstone. They tasted delicious!


We made some Welsh stew called Cawl. We cut the vegetables into small pieces. It was very difficult. We added a vegetable stock and some water. We then cooked the vegetables on the hob. It was very nice and healthy!!